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Sikhs just wear everyday normal clothes like you and i but Sikh men also wear a turban on their head.

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Sikhs don't have to wear yellow. Orange and blue are just colours of the khalsa, and no Sikh is forced to wear certain items of clothing other than the 5ks.

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some Sikhs don't wear the 5 k's because they are a differerent type of sikh and they are not as religious as the ones that wear the 5 k's

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Sikhs wear bright colourful suits

There is nothing specific that you have to wear to a Gurdwara apart from taking something to cover your head (most have some there) but some sikhs like to wear indian clothing

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Many Sikhs wear traditional clothing, especially when gathering to worship. Men and women both wear long tops over loose trousers. Men's clothing tends towards solid colors. Women frequently wear prints, or vivid colors embellished with embroidery. Very devout Sikhs often wear shades of blue, white, or yellow.

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Sikhs do not wear daggers but in fact a kirpan. It is one of the 5ks and is there to show that Sikhs are brave and courageous. It is not there for any violence.

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