What type of compound is water?

Water is an example of a neutral oxide compound, a compound with simple molecular structure. H2O is a covalent compound. We know that covalent compounds don't gain or loose electrons but they share electrons between the atoms.Hydrogen shares one electron that is in its first shell so 2 hydrogen atoms are required to make a covalent bond with oxygen which shares its 2 electrons each with one hydrogen atom. so the reaction is as follows:

H . + ++O++ + . H


Here "." are the valence electrons of hydrogen and "+" of oxygen. when oxygen and hydrogen shares its valence electrons with that of oxygen the duplet of hydrogen is complete and octet of oxygen is complete.Note that only one electron of oxygen are shared with each atom of hydrogen.

Water is a molecular compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Bonds are formed in two ways: Gain or lose an electron from the valence shell; called an ionic attraction. Share one or more electrons in the valence shell; called a covalent bond.