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Q: What type of compound will have a high melting point and conduct electricity?
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Which of these is NOT a characteristic of an ionic compound A. is a solid B. has a low melting point C. is composed of metallic and nonmetallic elements D. when melted will conduct electricity?

B. it has a high melting point.

Does lead conduct electricity when melted?

lead is a poor conductor of electricity. its melting point is 327A^*c

Is a typical property of an ionic compound?

low melting point. ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points. They conduct electricty in solution or in molten state unlike covalent compounds and carbon compounds which are poor conductors of electricity .

Can metal conduct electricity?

Yes metals can conduct electricity due to the free electrons in metals that can move through the metal. Metals are soft and have a low melting point causing it to be reactive.

Name five characteristics of ionic compound?

1. Brittle, due to ionic lattice of oppositely charged positive and negative ions 2. High melting point 3. High boiling point 4. Doesn't conduct electricity when solid 5. Does conduct electricity when molten or in solution

Why copper(ii)chloride has a high melting point than ethane?

Because it is a non metal and does not conduct electricity

How do you know a compound is ionic or molecular?

An ionic compound is a pure substance that is formed from a metal and a nonmetal. It has a fairly high melting point and is a conductor of electricity when in a molten or aqueous state . A molecular compound, on the other hand, is a pure substance that is formed from nonmetals. It has a fairly low melting point, and cannot conduct electricity regardless of state. Another important difference between the two is that an ionic compound is a crystalline solid at standard ambient temperature and pressure (SATP), whereas a molecular compound can be in a solid, gas or liquid state at SATP.

What properties of a compound would lead you to expect that it contains ionic bonds?

The most definitive test would be the ability of the liquid phase of the compound to conduct electricity easily. (The ability of an aqueous solution of the compound to conduct electricity would be less reliable, because many covalently bonded compounds, such as the hydrohalogens and the oxides of sulfur, ionize spontaneously when dissolved in water.) Another indicator of ionic bonding would be a high melting point temperature for the compound.

Properties of compounds with giant ionic structures?

High melting point High Boiling point Conducts electricity when molten or dissolved Cant conduct electricity when solid Example Sodium chloride

Describe the general properties of organic molecules?

They generally buy property from the largely successful retail firm Organic Molecules. Its pretty simple.

Which is a property shared by most molecular?

Most molecular compounds have a low melting point. They also typically don't conduct electricity.

Is Fe ionic?

Yes, Fe is Ionic. It is hard and has a very high melting point, as well as it can conduct electricity.