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It was called a police action against communist expansion.

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Q: What type of conflict was the Korean War?
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Related questions

Was the Korean war a conflict or a war?


Was it called the Korean War or Korean Conflict?

Korean Conflict because congress never officially declared war on Korea.

What is the conflict in the Korean War?

Well the conflict is the war itself.

What was the cold war in relation with the Korean war?

The Korean War was one conflict in the larger Cold War

What conflict followed war war 2?

The Korean war.

US Korean Conflict declared Korean War?

not sure of your question, but the Korean war was clasified as a POLICE ACTION

The major Cold War conflict of the 1950s was the?

Korean War

The major Cold War conflict of the 1950s was the .?

Korean War

How did the Korean war turn into the cold war conflict?

The Korean was was considered the young cold war conflict. It became a part of the cold war when Stalin sent supplies to the Korean area. This involvement coined the name.

What was the first conflict in the cold war?

Korean War, was a proxy war.

Is the Korean conflict the same as the Korean War?

The two terms have become synonymous .

What was the first major armed conflict of the Cold War?

Korean War

When did the Korean Conflict take place?

The Korean War took place from 1950-1953.

How they ressolve conflict in Korean war?

The Korean War was ended by an Armistice on 27 July 1953. An armistice is a truce.

How did the conflict come to a end for the Korean war?

The North side of the Korean War ended up signing a truce to end the war.

Who was the Canadian prime minister at the time of the Korean Conflict?

Louis St. Laurent was the Canadian Prime Minister at the time of the Korean Conflict. The Korean War began in 1950.

What conflict was the us involved in during 1950?

The Korean War

Which conflict began on June 25th 1950?

The Korean War.

What has the Korean Conflict often been called?

The Forgotten War

What impact did these outside Korean War countries have in the conflict?


What year did congress proclaim the Korean conflict the Korean war?

It was never declared a war, merely a 'conflict'or 'police action'

What war was it when the US fought on the side of South Korea against China and North Korea?

The Korean War (Korean Conflict)

What did the Korean War have to do with the cold war?

The Korean war was part of the Cold War do to its conflict over what type of government the country should have. This was very impotent to both the USA and the USSR because both wanted to spread the type of government they have to countries that were beginning to take shape like Vietnam.

Was the Korean War part of the cold war?

Yes, it was the first military conflict of the Cold War.

Name the war the us fought in 1950-1953?

Korean War, aka Korean Conflict. The US was one of many participants.