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Q: What type of dance is the 'C-Walk'?
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Is there any cwalk training place at baranstaple?

Cwalk is self taught from videos online.

What is a good cwalk name?


What is crip-walking?

The crip walk was a dance created by the Crips from Compton, Ca. The Crips would use their feet to write their enemies name in the ground and cross it out. Nowadays, people use a similar dance called the Clown Walk. It is in no way gang-related because it is used just to dance. Both can also be refered to Cwalk.

How do you dance in AQWorlds?

You type in your say /dance and type enter there another dance type in /dance2

Is Banda a type of dance?

no its not. its a type of music but not dance. Er actually it is a type of Dance music which does have its own specific movements. So I am not a expert but if a certain type of music has a certain type of dance then that makes it a type of dance yes?(thats not a question.)

How do you do the snake cwalk?

Go to that website will teach you any move used in cwalking. (: -Mr. Chanimal

Is b-boy is a type of dance?

Yes, it is considered a type of dance.

What type of music do Bollywood dancers dance to?

they dance to Indian type of music

Is hiphop a type of popular dance?

it is in dance studio's they have dance classes

What is the best type of dance to do in summer?

Hip hop is the best type of dance to do in summer

What type of dance is famous from ireland?

Irish dance

What Dance is not considered a type of folk dance?


What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

How do you change your dance in aqworlds?

Type /dance or /dance2

What type of dance does Tobias mead do?

Street dance

Is Xalapeรฑo a type of dance?

no it's not a dance style

What type of dance is the hat dance?

It comes from Mexico,

What type of dance is aferican war dance?


What is the difference between a genre of dance and a specific style of dance?

A genre is a style of dance and a style of dance is a type of dance

What is can can?

A type of dance.

What type of dance does Michael Moral do in Britain's Got Talent?

It isn't a specific dance "type"

What type of dance starts with f?

The Fox-Trot Is One Type Of Dance Starting with F (:

What is light spot dance?

light spot dance is a type of dance danced by light

What is the main types of dance?

any type of dance is famous depending on what you like to dance to.

What is the most popular type of dance at the wedding?

The chicken dance.