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A laser is used to alter the internal metal alloy layer of the CD-RW. The strength of the laser can be varied and this allows the alloy to be manipulated and the data on the CD to be changed.

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Functions of laser in the CD ROM drive?

The laser in the drive is the device that actually reads or writes data from and to the CD/CDRW/CDR.

Is network drive an data input device or an data output device or an data storage device?


What is storage device interface?

storage is store a data , device is drive (data drive) eg harddisk pendrive.

What is saving on a computer?

The term "saving" is when you write data onto a permanent storage device (hard drive, solid state drive, or a external drive) where it can be retrieved later.

What is flash memory storage device that plugs into USB port?

It is used to store data onto a small flash drive located on the device unlike a hard drive it has an almost instantaneous read-write time however it cannot store nearly as much data.

Is a CD drive an input or an output device?

A CD or DVD drive is a media device. Data is usually read from it, but data can also be sent to it if it has writing capabilities.

Is the Floppy disk an input device or output device?

It's both. You can read the data on the disk making it an input device, and you can write data to the disk making it an output device.A floppy disk is a storage device. There is often confusion about this, as the user could be seen to be "inputting data" by inserting a disk or "outputting" by removing it, but in actuality the floppy disk is a storage device.

WHAT IS THE ability of a device to jump directly to the requested data on a device such as a hard drive?

Grabbing data? That would be reading data from a hard drive. However, there is also a hard-drive cache which is much more faster, however the data must already be processed for this to be possible.

What type of device is a hard drive?

It is a storage device, usually the main storage on a computer where programming and data are saved. A traditional device can read and write information to the disk, and can be re-used (over-written with new information)

What is the computer hard drive called?

It is a data storage device.

A device that holds data until needed?

Permanent storage device such as a hard drive.

What are the purpose of tape drive?

Data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape.

What type of optical drive is installed?

It is a CD, DVD, Blue Ray, CDR, CDi, CDRW, DVDRW, MP3, MP4, or any of a dozen other varieties of laser data readers.

Is a flash drive a input or an output device?

A flash drive is classified as a storage device; the computer it is connected to will both store and retrieve data from the flash drive, and hence it is both an input and output device.

What is the purpose of a CD-ROM drive?

A CD-ROM drive is a computer device that can read data from a CD-ROM. The drive can either be an internal or external device.

What can a hard drive do?

A hard drive is a non-volatile storage device for digital data on a PC.

Is a storage device an input or output device?

A storage device is both an input and output device. I has to be if it is to store something like data. Consider that a hard drive is a computer memory device, and data is both written to and read from the hard drive during normal operation of the computer. If the hard drive did not have the capability of input and output, it would not be useful in its application in the computer.

What device is used to store data on a disk?

CD or DVD drive.

What consists of a drive letter and colon to identify the storage device?


Which device on the computer can store data in long term?

Hard Drive

What is the name of the device that stores programs and data in a computer?

Hard drive

Can you burn over a CD?

Only CDRW can be overwritten, just erase what is on it and reburn the new data

How do you remove the write protected?

transcend pen drive remove write protection in the all pen drive data

What is the purpose of the write-zeros-to-drive?

To completely erase the data on the hard drive.

Is a disk drive an input or output or storage?

A disk drive is all three, depending on the situation. It is an input device when it provides stored data to an application. It is an output device when it receives data from an application. It is a storage system when it saves the data for future use.