What type of diabetes is hereditary?


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Type I. It can also be obtained from sexual intercourse. Type I is currently incurable, but type II can be cured by exercising and eating well.


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I have type 1 diabetes this is a hereditary gene

Type 1 diabetes is hereditary, and there is no known prevention or cure at present.

Type 2 diabetes is hereditary that is, it is passed on from family generation to generation.

No they are not you stupid dummies

Yes, in some cases diabetes is hereditary, Other times it is not.

Yes, there is type 1 diabetes. And there is type 2 diabetes. One is hereditary and the other you get from eating food high in sodium or lack of excercise.

Type1 diabetes is hereditary. It usually skips a generation.

Both diabetes and glaucoma have hereditary elements in their risk profile, but neither is completely hereditary.

yes, all diabetes are hereditary that's the cycle of genes.

Type 1. The one you can't get rid of . Type 1 is hereditary

The tendency to get type II diabetes is hereditary. One can avoid getting it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and plenty of exercise.

Diabetes is an noninfectious disease and is mostly hereditary.

Type 2 Diabetes, also known as "adult onset" diabetes is the most common form. It is often hereditary, and is most likely to form in middle-aged or older people, especially if they are overweight.

No its not contagious, however it can be hereditary.

Although it seems they are in fact hereditary, one can not pass cancer nor diabetes thru genetics.

Type 1 diabetes can run through families, and often begins in a person when it is set of by the environment they are in. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes comes from eating to many fatty and sugary foods.

No, type I diabetes is generally seen at birth , whereby the pancreas just simply does not secrete dijestive enzymes and insulin is needed help use up blood sugar from food. So basicly all with Type I diabetes , pancreas does not work for their body at all.

Diabetes coronary diease

i have diabetes. however my parents do not. the doctors have told me and my brother (that also has diabetes) that it could have skipped generations but it is hereditary and is passed on.

Current evidence indicates a genetic component to T1DM - Type1 diabetes.

It is hereditary. Also an indicator of Juvenal Diabetes.

It runs in families but is hereditary, not communicable.

The tendency to develop type 2 diabetes runs in families. However, it is not necessary to have a family history in order for it to develop. Type 2 is closely-related to abdominal fat, high cholesterol, general poor diet and lack of exercise.

Juvenile diabetes is almost exclusively hereditary. Adult-onset (Type 2) diabetes is caused by a combination of heredity, poor diet, obesity, and lack of exercise. Contact the American Diabetes Association for further information, or see your doctor. Diabetes is a dangerous condition that can lead to amputations, blindness and death.

well, it all starts with how much salt and unneeded sugars your body takes in. also, diabetes can be a hereditary disease meaning if someone in your family has some type of diabetes then the next generation can obtain it.

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