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Most people say its better to eat low carbs calories and things with the least amount of sugar and fatening. Is that true? NO! Does eating less help? no, only if you eat junk food such as chips everyday. The thing you really need to focus on is foods like bread, its not bad its actually somewhat healthy. Bread has something that will not help your diet it will just add on to the stuff you dont want. focus on fruits and vegtiables because they dont really add on to your body. soup, chicken, noodles, crackers, caserole, tacos, milk shakes, smoothies, etc. will help with your diet. if you are in the mood for a soda or pop then go ahead and have one can a week, but do NOT drink diet soft drinks. DO NOT!!! They can damge your body because it does not have natural sugars so what it really does is sits in your body. It sits there becausse your body does not know how to digest it. What it really does is adds on more fat. hope it helped if you need more info. look at or towards excersising with p90x. thank you!


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A good weight loss diet for people with blood type A- is vegan diet. Fruits and Veggies are a good choice. It is a good idea to stay away from dairy products.

Good question, there are exercises for weight gain and for weight loss. For weight loss, experts recommend aerobics, belly dancing, yoga, martial arts, skating, swimming, and ballroom dancing. Complement your exercise plan with a healthy diet, and be patient.

A vegetable soup diet is not a good source of weight loss. This type of diet may work for a few weeks, but you will soon become bored with this diet and once you start eating regular foods again you will gain weight back.

There are some blood type diets that seem to be on the mark for what the blood type is. In the diets it says what foods are good for you, bad for you and what you should use for a diet or weight loss.

Acording to the Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet, eating what they recommand for your bloodtype may help you loss weight. You must know withblood type you are to do this diet. Food requirments will differ with each blood type. Information on this diet can by found by Googling,Blood Type Diet.

There is no trendy diet that will help you safely lose weight or maintain your weight loss. The safest way is to seek the professional advice of a nutritionist that will work according to your particular body type.

You should have meat in your diet, but you shouldn't have dairy in your diet. In fact, eating meat when you have blood type o is very good for weight loss. There is a list at

With so many weight loss diets available to individuals today, it can be difficult to determine which diet will be the most successful in helping to achieve individual weight loss goals. Many diets can be successful if followed correctly, so one of the most accurate ways to determine if a weight loss diet plan will work is to figure out how easily you can follow it. If the diet calls for a lot of vegetables and you know you are far from a vegetable lover, it is probably a good idea to look for another type of diet.

A weight loss diet plan is a type of diet plan that is designed with the purpose of helping a person lose weight. This can be a short program to a lose a few extra pounds or the first step in a lifestyle change for healthier living.

A good weight-loss plan combines a sensible, healthy diet with at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days per week. There are a number of on-line resources, some of which are free, to support your efforts: and are two examples.

I always recommend a diabetic exchange diet plan coupled with walking or other low-impact aerobic exercise for quick and sensible weight loss.

Before you decide on any type of weight loss diet, you will need to figure out what your current body mass index (BMI) is. This information will help you and your doctor decide which diet plans will best suit your needs.

Mediterranean is a healthy lifestyle. This is diet that will help a person loss weight.

Any type of vegatables and fruit can help with weight loss, but the key to weight loss is exercise, and a healthy diet. So just don't eat too many fats or carbs.

I don't think that any diet is the best. But if you are going to go on a diet pick the one that you want to go on not one your friend is on because only you can pick the right one for you because we are all so different.It depends what type of diet you want. For example, do you want a diet for weight loss, or weight maintenance, or to control some health problem such as diabetes? For more information about the best diet for weight loss, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Weight loss is a very individual thing. It depends on your body type and how you like to eat. For some different diets to compare visit

You can weight loss charts in quite a few places. I think they would stand for both adults and children as you put in your specific information it would give you a good idea of what you need to do and what type of diet you should maintain.

If you stick to foods that are good for your blood type in low calorie version; it will result in weight loss. It is a lifestyle change. If you eat foods that are not good for your blood type, it could have an adverse effect and cause you to gain weight.

In general it's scaled to your needs. The biggest stress, however, is on a gradual process of slow weight loss over a long time.

Before beginning any type of quick weight loss diet, it is important to research the diet first. Any diet that you want to see fast weight loss with should require lots of water and protein. The more water you drink, the easier it will be for your body to flush out the impurities and excess chemicals that have built up. Proteins aid in weight loss as well. Try to avoid carbohydrates as these are sugars that the body cannot quickly use.

Losing weight is not as easy as picking a random diet and exercise plan and sticking to it. Different weight loss plans are ideal for different metabolisms, body types, and lifestyles. Look through several different diet plans and find one that matches your lifestyle. Picking the ideal weight loss plan for your body type will make weight loss much easier. Be sure to consider both your diet and your activity level; pick something that is realistic for you.

Food lovers diet is a weight-loss plan. It permits people to lose weight by eating their favorite foods. You can eat any type of food including pasta.

For all I know, there is no correlation between the type of blood type and weight loss. Watch what you eat and exercise the good old fashioned way, and you'll be fine.

The Blood Type Diet is a weight loss diet that is tailored according to the dieter's blood type. Developed by Dr. Peter D�Adamo, the Blood Type Diet helps dieters determine which foods their body processes best. For example, it is said that those with Blood Type A lack stomach acid and have difficulty processing protein. Therefore, those who have Blood Type A are encouraged to eat a vegetarian diet in order to lose weight. No matter what your blood type, The Blood Type Diet promises to help you lose weight through scientifically proven methods.

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