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What type of dog is Kipper the dog?

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Kipper is most definitely a beagle!

kipper the dogi think hes a bull terrier


2010-12-11 11:43:57
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Q: What type of dog is Kipper the dog?
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Why is a kipper called a kipper?

Kipper is not a kipper, but someone made up the show called kipper and kipper is a dog.

What are the lyrics to kipper the dog's theme tune?

They call him Kipper, Kipper the DogThe dog with the slipperThat's Kipper, Kipper the Dog(By the way, that's a toad, not a frog.)Now he can do thisDo you think that you could?And he can do thatWhich is more than any old cat couldWould you like a dog, like a dog, like a dog, like a dogLike Kipper, that's Kipper the Dog(Now that's a frog.)(Ribbit. Ribbit.)Just Thought Someone Might Wanna Know;) .Freyaxo

What is the duration of Kipper the Dog?

The duration of Kipper the Dog is 480.0 seconds.

What is a 1980s movie that has a dog named Kipper?

The dog Kipper has been in the following movies: Kipper The Movie (2001) Kipper: Space Invaders (2009-2010) Kipper 2 (2011) Kipper 3 (2012) Kipper 4: The Lost Gem (2013) Kipper 5 (2014) Kipper 6 (2015) Kipper 7: Europe's Most Wanted (2016) Kipper 8 (2017)

What does kipper mean as in kipper snacks?

A kipper is a type of small fish that is very tasty, ( although NOT for breakfast)

Is Kipper the dog beau?

Yes, of course

Where can you buy kipper dog in US?

A store! :D

Where can you find Kipper the Dog plush toy?

Ebay is the best plase to look. My son loves Kipper and was able to find one there.

On what channel is the television show Kipper the Dog shown?

Kipper the Dog is not currently showing on any US TV channel, however it is possible to buy or rent DVD's of the popular show which used to air on Nick Jr.

What is the hebrew word for kipper?

kipper (a type of oily fish) has no equivalent word in Hebrew. Israelis usually use the English word when referring to kippers.

What are the release dates for Kipper Kipper Helps Out - 2004?

Kipper Kipper Helps Out - 2004 was released on: USA: August 2004

What kind of dog is tiger from kipper?

He is a west highland white terrier which is a breed of scottish terrier

What are the ratings and certificates for Kipper - 1997 Kipper the Hero 6-11?

Kipper - 1997 Kipper the Hero 6-11 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What are the ratings and certificates for Kipper - 1997 Kipper Is Unwell 2-9?

Kipper - 1997 Kipper Is Unwell 2-9 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What does Yon Kipper mean?

Yon Kipper is a Jewish holiday

What is the difference between a herring and a kipper?

a kipper is a smoked herring.

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Bob Kipper is 6' 2".

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What actors and actresses appeared in Kipper - 1997?

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Josefin Kipper died on August 23, 1981.

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What type of shop do you buy plaice herring kippers?

what tye of shop you buy kipper herring plaice

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When was Josefin Kipper born?

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