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What type of economic activities can be found in Edmonton?

find it yourself

What type of crystals are found in France?

the names of the types of crystals found in france?

What type of economic system is found in many European countries?

The Type of Economic System that is found in many European countries is a Traditional economy

What determines a country's economic activities?

i dont freakin know. type it in on google

What type of economic activities in mountain and basin region?

I don't know haha

What type of landform is for the Alps?

the alps are a montain plain in france france is also found in europe

What type of economic system is generally found in countries with democratic governments?


What is capitalism and how does free market work?

capitalism is a type of economic system in which property resources are privately owned and markets and prices are used to direct and coordinate economic activities. Free market means that there is no government influence impeding upon market activities

Type of economic activities of the colonist such as examples of jobs or how people made money?

well i know one of them are farmers and servants

What type of economic activities would most likely be found in a newly industrialized country with commercial industry?

A number of economic activities can often be seen in newly industrialized country. Since this country also has commercial industries, such as department stores, here is a sampling of the new economic activities: A. More borrowing and lending activities; B. Increased trade with other nations; C. In some cases new immigrants from nearby countries may come there to work; D. Better working conditions, higher employment, and improvements in health care; and E. Higher taxation by the country's central government.

What type of economic system is least likely to be found among the countries of Europe?


What are some special events in France during the summer?

Choose from the list of activities in the link I have provided. It shows activities by type, such as Seniors, Families, Wines, Sports, Historical, etc.

What type of economic activities took place in New Jersey?

They Grow Corn, Tomatoes and they have a fur trade, farming and they fish and they trade

What has the author Jorge SALAZAR written?

Jorge SALAZAR has written: 'Primary type export activities as leading sectors in economic development'

What are some the economic activities in Thailand?

Some commodities are rice, rubber, tin and teak (a type of lumber) It is a heavily export-dependent economy.

How does Japan depend on physical environment?

Japan depends on the physical environment for almost all the activities that they engage in. The physical environment will determine the type of economic activities that are carried out like farming, constructions and so on.

The amount of economic freedom people enjoy has no connection to the type of political system found in their country?


What type of animals do they have in France?

Some types of animals that are found in France include deer, wolves, polecats and marmots. You will also find dormice and the common genet along with weasels in France.

What type of economic system does France have?

France has a mixed economy. France has been privatizing a lot of its industries. Air France is an example. Although France exercises great control of its economy, the public sector side is gaining more ground. With that said, it would appear that the term "mixed economy" best describes the economy of France.

Type of land France is located on?

France land type is oregan

What early type of communication is thought to be 32000 years old and has been found in Spain and France?

Cave paintings

True or false the amount of economic freedom people enjoy has no connection to the type of political system found in their country?


What type of economic system does the Philippines have?

mixed economic system

What type of rock is graphite found in?

Graphite can be found in all types of rock (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary). Although, it originates from igneous rocks, and is generally most economic in metamorphic rocks.

What type of economic system does Cameroon have?

What type of economic system does Cameroon, Africa have? (traditional, command, market, or mixed)

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