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What type of eduaction do you need to become a lawyer?


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a good one


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You gots to be trained by them wakcs flocka and that young gucci.

you need a law lisence frp, the law schoool

You do not need any particular Bachelor's degree to become a lawyer corporate or otherwise, but you will need a Juris Doctorate (J.D.).

We have to be truthful.Never take side of bad people

The answer differs depending on what type of lawyer you need. You can contact your chamber of commerce for a recommendation, ask friends and family for a referral, or do a simple internet search for the type of lawyer you need in your area.

Try an internship in a law firm or a court house to begin with, this would be a great place to start

Get a lawyer that specializes in consumer-protection.

you don't need a lawyer, you need an education. Go take care of that first. Priorities!

You need a professional criminal lawyer. The act of stealing a vehicle is classified as a crime. So having a good criminal lawyer is the best thing to do.

yes it is almost good for any type of career!

Find a Probate and Estates attorney in your area.

1. Who wants to be a divorce lawyer? 2. There is a website that tells you all the courses you need for careers. It is some government website.

thee degree you would most likely need would be your master"s

You need to go on the Law and Govenment path in Highschool and get a law degree in colloge

Eduaction need for the preschool teaching is different in every state, according to their rules and regulations, depending upon their culture and norms, also have different type of requirement tests. although the bechelor degree is recommended.

Depending on your case you may need a lawyer with a particular specialty. has an excellent referral service that will match you with the type of lawyer you need for your specific circumstances.

you need to get a four year deploma and then you must go back and study law for another two to four years depending on what type of lawyer you are and then you must pass the bar exam that evry lawyer has to take.

When a lawyer first starts off his law field he or she starts off making at least $150,000 a year, but this all depends on what type of lawyer you are wanting to become for example lawyers start off at 100,000 - 200,000 and go up as long as the case was good. It all depends on what type of lawyers you want to become.

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Yes you can. You can either be appointed or elected to a judgeship, depending on the type of judge you want to be.

type of lawyer needed for boating accident?

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