What type of education did Athenian girls receive?

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They learnt in the home housekeeping, raising children, working in the land raising vegetables, chickens, livestock, milking goats and so on. They also learnt to supervise family slaves.
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How do children receive their education in the outback?

Families in the outback have a few options. Depending on their location, there is usually a primary school that they can attend for their early years. If this is not an option, the School of the Air is also offered (usually state run) where teachers communicate and teach children via radio contact. ( Full Answer )

What type of education did Katharine Hepburn receive?

She did attend Bryn Mawr College, however, and it was here that she decided to become an actress, appearing in many of their productions. After graduating, she began getting small roles in plays on Broadway and elsewhere.

What is receiving an education?

Receiving an education is the process by which someone learns anynumber of skill or gains knowledge. This is typically done in aclassroom environment in a school or university.

What type of education did Sacagawea receive?

She did not receive a proper education according to contemporary Western standards. She would have received a form of survival and native education while growing up. Although her skills as a translator and somewhat of a navigator for Lewis and Clark speaks to her learning potential.

Who received an education in the 1830-1840s?

Education was very limited in the 1800's. Firstly, slaves were notallowed to have an education and females were limited to the amountof education they received.

What type of education did the Mayans receive?

The Mayans way of education was taught to only the higher authority such as priests, leaders/chiefs, war leaders, etc. As far as the rest of the Mayan population went, education and learning were both a thing that existed in their house, where their parents taught them information that they knew fro ( Full Answer )

What education did Marie Antoinette receive?

She was home-schooled in Vienna and her education was certainly very much neglected. With the exception of the Italian language, all that related to belles letters, and particularly to history, even that of her own country, was almost entirely unknown to her. She also hated to study (she couldn't ( Full Answer )

Where did Robert Hooke receive education?

Oxford. Here he assisted Robert Boyle with his successful air pump expiriments.. Oxford. Here he assisted Robert Boyle with his successful air pump expiriments.

How did the Romans receive their education?

Romans received their education in different stages. They were first introduced to school at home by their mother or if they were wealthy by a slave. Then they went off to a primary school at about the age of 7. A secondary school was next and then studying abroad usually in Greece. Bear in mind tho ( Full Answer )

Where did President Obama receive his education?

President Obama was taught at three colleges and one college preparatory school. He began college at Occidental but soon came to Columbia University where he recevied his B.A. degree. Then later he received a J.D. with high honor from Harvard Law School.

How did Confucius receive his education?

because hes stupidAccording to legend, Confucius studied with Lao Dan, the DaoistMaster. Historians do not know about his formal eduction, or if hereceived one. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher.

What type of government was the athenians?

Athens was one of the very first known democracies (although anthropological research suggests that democratic forms were likely common in stateless societies long before the rise of Athens). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athenian_democracy

Why the girls are not educated?

Some girls pretend to "act" stupid but we are actually smart. Its a act to get attention basically. I am a blond and I sometimes act that way to get attention and it works but I actually am really smart.

What sort of education did a samurai receive?

they learn about reading writing and a lot of religion they had good education also in fighting and jujitsu which was a form of fighting. they always carried two swords one long swords called the katana and another sword called the tanto. they had to go to the dojo to learn how to use the weapons by ( Full Answer )

How were athenian boys educated?

The Athenian boys were educated at home by their mothers until theyattained the age of 6 years. Once the got to six years, they weresent to neighboring schools for their formal education.

What kind of education did girls receive in the middle ages?

One Answer: None. Women were considered property and they couldn't own land nor have an education. They had no civil rights. It was a rare woman who could make decisions for herself, but this is true all the way into the 20th century. It wasn't until the 1920's that women gained the right to vot ( Full Answer )

Were did Sam Houston receive his education?

He attended a local school for six months but later on ran away with the Cherokees who set up a school. I think he got education in Texas but I am not sure

What did Athenian girls learn?

There is no evidence that Athenian girls ever received educationoutside of the home. There is, however, evidence that some girlswere literate.

Did athenian girls go to school?

Athenian girls did not go to school, but were trained to do house work. They were always under the control of men.

Where did Napoleon receive his education?

He attended a Catholic school in Autun, France in January of 1779 to learn French and transferred to a military academy at Brienne le Chateau in May for five years. He then entered the Ecole Militaire and graduated in September of 1785 and was appointed a Second Lieutenant of Artillery.

Where John Wesley received his education?

When John Wesley was young he was home-schooled by his mother, Susannah. He went to college at Oxford University. This is where he started the holy club, which is where the name methodist started.

What place or type of education did Jane Goodall receive?

Cambridge University where she obtained a Ph.D degree in Ethology. She became only the eighth person to be allowed study for a Ph.D without first obtaining a BA or B.Sc. Her thesis was completed in 1965 under the tutorship of Robert Hinde, former master of St. John's College, Cambridge.

What type of education did Nikola Tesla receive?

Tesla completed his elementary education in Croatia. He continued his schooling in the Polytechnic School in Graz and finished at University of Prague. He worked as an electrical engineer in Germany, Hungary and France before emigrating to the United States in 1884.

What education did Princess Diana receive?

Your answers are totally inadequate. The fact that one has been hired as a kindergarten teacher tells us nothing about the excellence of the teachers education unless we are told what the educational requirements were for her to have been hired. Your answer will be inadequate until it tells wh ( Full Answer )

What type of education did James Dimon receive?

James Dimon was born in 1956 and is an American Business Executive. He is also an executive of a popular bank.His Education Background included attending Browning School and he went on to Major in Economics and Psychology. He also attended Harvard Business School where he earned a degree in Master o ( Full Answer )

What type of education did the Middle Stone Age people receive?

The people of the Middle Stone Age received the great bulk of their education by word of mouth. Songs, poems and rhythmic chants [these are not unlike "Rap" popular music]. Some graphical (cave drawings, for example) relics show that drawings (2d) and small sculptures (3d fertility figures) sug ( Full Answer )