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What type of education or training do you need to become an eating disorder specialist?



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There are a few different pathways to becoming an eating disorder specialist depending on what exactly you want to do. Some people are nutritionists or dietitians who have focused on this are, other people are psychiatrist, pediatricians or psychologist, or less commonly other types of doctors like gastroenterologists. So after school you'd probably want to study either: nutrition, or psychology, or medicine Then if you did psych you need to do a clinical practice/grad year so that you can register with the professional board in your state/country and then you might consider doing some post-grad research in the area of eating-disorders If you did medicine you'd need to do an intern year and then apply to the college of psychiatrists or pediatrics, then you'd do between 4 and 6 training years (during which time you would probably have to do different types of psychiatric work/ work in a variety of pediatric jobs and sit some exams) and then you could move into working with people with eating-disorders exclusively.