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What type of employers pay for your Art Therapy Masters degree?


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You would have to check the employer's policy. Some, like banks, call centers and others, contribute to education regardless of how it applies to the current work being done. However, they may have policies against graduate degrees.

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The degree is what you have already stated; a masters degree. A masters degree is a level of education. Under that level (degree) are many specific programs of study. For example in medicine it could be a masters in nursing, or microbiology, or health sciences, etc.

they have an M.D./D.O. not a masters degree

Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.

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A criminal justice masters degree i think.

MCA in the field of computer application or opt for other related Masters degree.

You would probably need a masters degree in medication.

No you cannot. Typically, depending on the type of therapy the minimum degree requirement is a master's degree, and often working under the license of one who has a doctorate in the field.

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About $50 K per year.A Masters of Science is a specific type of Masters degree. For instance, I hold a masters degree in psychology (and a Ph.D.). I could elect to receive either a Masters of Arts or Masters of Science in Psychology. Some programs you don't have a choice between the two, but there is no "real" difference.

It really depends on the type of masters degree, and the course load taken per semester. It can range from two semesters and up as a full-time student. Most individuals take their masters on a part-time bases.

The requirements for a masters degree vary by college/university and by the type of program in which you enroll. University websites often list the requirements.

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Typically, in most all colleges today, a college degree would be necessary for this type of position. At the college and universities I teach at, a masters degree is required.

It really depends on the type of degree one acquired. With a bachelors degree about $48,500, however if they have a masters or doctorate degree any where from $75,000-$100,000.

Professional Butt hole possess a bachelors degree in either anthropology or archaeology and either a masters degree or doctorate in archaeology. A graduate with a bachelors degree in anthropology or archaeology can work on an archaeological site for a cultural resource management company, however in order to progress their career at least a masters degree is needed.

The type of degree you have does not effect your salary: If two engineers both got the same job, they would be paid the same - regardless of there degree type. BUT Allot of engineering companies, particularly the top ones, will only employ undergraduates with a masters degree. Therefore it does not effect salary but it effects your job market. Source: I am a undergraduate mechanical engineer myself.

Confusing question but I will try to answer.Obtaining a masters in just about any discipline can lead to a doctorate. For example, you can now obtain a DBA - doctorate in business administration, hence earning a MBA would work best first.The real question is what type of masters are you thinking about earning,then research schools and programs at to find out if a doctorate is an option after you have earned your masters.

Cocc offers massage therapy program. It is a two year degree. Also lane community college offers the same type program, also for two year degree.

Both are general degree types from which many specific programs of study fall depending a where the degree is taken. refers to a master's degree within the field of technology. It can be either an academic or professional master's degree in the field of engineering. The masters degree is - once again - a general degree type which follows completion of the bachelor's degree. Still, both are advanced degrees which typically follow the bachelor's degree.

A Master's degree in information technology is a type of postgraduate course that specializes in information technology. After completing the course, you can be recognized as having a Master's degree in IT.

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