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What type of energy is given off when a sound is heard?

It is called sound energy.

What is a sound that can be heard called?

Wouldn't that be called noise Answer: A sound.

If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody hears it did it make a noise?

no it does not make a noise, a noise is an unwanted sound, if it can not be heard then it is not unwanted, however it does make a sound. sound is a form of energy thus hen the tree's gravitational potential energy it converted into kinetic energy during the falling motion, as it hits the ground its energy will be partially transferred into the earth and partially into the particles in the air thus creating sound waves

What is the synonym for sound energy?


What is noise intensity?

That ist the energy of noise. Sound intensity = sound power divided by area.

What is different between sound and noise?

Sound is a form of energy which can be harvested, controlled and used. Noise on the other hand is the waste product through the use of sound energy

What is the sound of a rifle?

a quick noise heard that may echo

Sound energy can be used in our lives by talking to others by mouth or by phone?

Yes, sound energy is used when we make noise.

What kind of energy does a sound wave carry?

A sound wave contains sound energy, a form of kinetic energy in which the molecules of a substance are vibrated to create a noise. (Note: Sound is not always audible to humans!)

Is silence a noise?

silence is illusion noise is everywhere except in space Improved (by Sunrise Moon): No, silence is not a noise because a noise is sound, and sound can be heard, so can you hear silence? it isn't a noise I don't think.

How do you convert kinetic energy into sound energy?

through a turbine from the noise of the water.or when a ball hits a tree it had kinetic energy but the impact on the force caused sound and lost some of the kinetic energy to make sound energy.

What is the cause of an amplifier having garbled sound?

it is spoil The frequency of the unwanted electrical signals mismatch with the sound and heard as "Noise" - a garbled form of sound.

Which form of energy was changed to sound energy when a baby shakes a rattle and make noise?


What kind of energy transformation is a drum?

kinetic - personsound - noise

Kinetic energy converting into sound energy?

Some Kinetic Energy will convert into sound energy when it strikes something, such as a baseball striking a tree. It had kinetic energy, but the noise made by the impact caused it to lose some of it to make sound energy.

I heard a weird noise in leg what happend There was a pulling crunching noise in the back of my leg?

What sort of noise was it? What did it sound like? It sounds to me that you have to go and see your GPA You need to get it checked.

What is sound going to do with energy?

Sound has to do with sound pressure, because our ear drums and also the diaphragms of the microphones are moved only by the sound pressure. For their calculations the noise fighters like to use more the sound energy.

Sound energy definitions?

Sound energy is a form of energy than can be detected by the ear. Sound energy can travel through substances such as, water, air, wood, or fire. Basicaly, everything in the world is sound energy because mostly anything makes noise. Claudia XoXo

Is thunder the noise of lightning?

Yes. The electrical energy of a lightning bolt has so much energy that it produces sound waves that make the sound of thunder.

What are the components required for charging mobile using sound energy or noise?


Does electricity produce sound?

A similar noise can be heard coming out of the electric meters attached to ... causes expansion and contraction of the wire, producing sound.

What is noise in transmission event?

A fuzzy crackling sound will be heard because some of the electrical waves are still being transformed into sound waves.

WHAT IS Differentiate between sound and noise?

Music is an art form whose medium is sound organized in time. It is a kind of vibration which travels through air, water, and are sensed by the ear. a thing that can be heard. This is from music, speech, and others like films dialogs etc., one thing in this matter is that we can increase or decrease the volume of sound.Noise is a sound from one and more at a time which can not be heard clearly and only mixed sounds will be heard. You can not increase or decrease the noise. If a meeting, there will be noise among the people talking each other besides the speaker going on talking. In a market, there we can hear the noise since several persons are on buying and selling. In an office one is talking on mobile, phone ringing another side, ring tones in some person's hands, loud conversations with one and another etc., this is called noise. Even, a music in public place with loud voice will also be a noise.In general, a sound is a vibration from a particular machine, place or material which can be heard clearly whereas a noise a mixed vibrations that will come to us from all directions. A sound can be clear and can be able to hear, whereas a noise will not be clear and can not be heard.Another way to put it, is that sound is a clear, wanted signal. Noise is a random unwanted background.

What device turns electrical energy into sound energy?

Well a stereo is electrical and it gives off sound energy so anything like that so... something that is electrical and makes a noise/sound hope this helps :)

What is the loudest known noise?

The explosion from the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia is the loudest sound ever to be heard. It could be heard from over 3,000 miles away.