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Generally shield volcanoes do not explode. They erupt in a non-explosive fashion, fountaining or oozing lava.

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Mahukona is a shield volcano. Mahukona is submerged. A shield volcano is a volcano that has a dome shaped top and sloping sides.

The Kilauea volcano is a shield volcano! I hope this helps:)

Mauna Kilauea is a shield volcano.

Hawaii is a shield volcano.%Jenny%

i think it is a shield volcano

A shield volcano :) Have a nice day!

Mauna Kilauea is a shield volcano

kilauea is a shield volcano

San Martin Volcano is a shield volcano.

Mt. Kilauea is a shield volcano because of how its lava forms like a shield around it.

The type of volcano is the shield volcano. Shield volcanoes can be found in Hawai'i.

An underwater volcano. The volcano that made Hawaii was a shield volcano.

The type of volcano Mono-Inyo Craters is a shield volcano.

the least explosive volcano is a shield volcano, baby!

a Pyroclastic Shield Volcano. Basically a shield volcano covered in pyroclastic debris from earlier eruptions.


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