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People used to think that a build-up of lactic acid was the cause of muscle soreness. That is not true. Lactic acid has nothing to do with it, therefore the fermentation process the body uses to get the lactic acid into the muscles is also not true. Muscle soreness is caused by the damage done to the muscle fibers. Muscle biopsies taken on the day after hard exercise show bleeding and disruption of the z-band filaments that hold muscle tissue together as they slide over each other during a contration. Scientists can tell how much muscle damage has occurred by measuring blood levels of a muscle enzyme called CPK. CPK is a normally found in muscles and is released into the bloodstream when muscles are damaged. Those exercisers who have the highest post-exercise blood levels of CPK often have the most soreness. Many people think that cooling down by exercising at a slow pace after exercising more vigorously, helps to prevent muscle soreness. It doesn't, cooling down speeds up removal of lactic acid from muscles, but a build-up of lactic acid does not cause muscle soreness, so cooling down will not prevent it. Stretching does not help either, since post-exercise soreness is not due to contracted muscle fibers.

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What causes lactic acid fermentation?

When your muscles feel weak and sore.Done by a 7th grader ;)

What is sore muscles caused by in fermentation?

lactic acid fermentation

What causes muscles to be sore?


What causes sore muscles?

Too much use of your muscles.

What muscle will get sore from doing too many situps?

The sartorius muscles extending from the front of thigh around the knee,the hamstrings,the calf muscles-Achilles tendons when overworked by too many sit ups produce lactic acid that makes the muscles sore.

In muscle cells fermentation produces?

During exercise and movement muscle cells begin to undergo fermentation. During fermentation lactic acid is produced causing sore muscles.

Overworked muscles can still release energy when oxygen levels are low by the process of?

Anaerobic respiration - resulting in lactic acid build up in muscle cells, and sore muscles...

What causes sore muscles and cramps?

What causes sore muscles is that you have been working your muscles harder than normal, and can also be that those sore muscles haven't been worked that hard in a while, so it was very stressful for them. Cramps are caused by not stretching properly and your body isn't ready to do the physical task you want to do.

How is muscle fatigue achieved?

When your muscles don't get enuf oxygen so fermentation happens, fermentation's byproduct is acid so it makes your muscles sore.

Feel sore after drinking alcohol?

Drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration, which in turn causes muscles to be sore.

Muscles become sore after the build up of this?

Lactic acid created during a process of "lactic acid fermentation."

What is made in fermentation in humans?

well, when the body is not awesome muscles r tiredand fermentation happensits like giving ur body the energy its missingbut usually it relases lactic acidwhich makes ur muscles feel SOREThe Chetti.

What causes sharp pains in the sides of the body?

probably cramped or sore muscles.

Under what conditions would cells in your body undergo lactic acid fermentation?

Lactic acid fermentation can make your muscles sore, so exercising for a long time may result in this.

Which chemical makes your muscles sore after working out?

When muscles are over-exerted, the muscle cells carry out anaerobic respiration to compensate for the oxygen deficit. Lactic acid produced as a result of this causes muscles to become sore or develop cramps.

What happens to your muscles when they do lactic acid fermentation?

Your muscles produce lactic acid when these is not enough oxygen, such strenuous exercise. When lactic acid builds up in muscle cells, muscles become fatigued and might feel sore.

What is the product of cellular respiration when there is no oxygen present?

What happens if you need energy, but run out of oxygen? Fermentation happens. It is the break down of glucose to make energy when there is no oxygen. It produces less energy than respiration. A by-product is lactic acid, which causes sore muscles.

How do muscles get sore?

Muscles become sore from the lactic acid production being increased from strenuous output of energy on the muscles.

What are causes of lower abdomen being sore when coughing?

I believe that it is caused by abdominal muscles being exercised when they are not used to it.

What exercise do you use to alleviate sore muscles?

Stretching is a good way to help sore muscles to feel better.

Why do muscles feel sore after exercise?

Your muscles tightening up

Why are muscles sore after workouts?

because your muscles are adapting to the workout you did

What causes mucels to be sore?

Stress, over use, or heavy lifting are the more common cause of muscle aches. Besides that the flu can cause sore muscles but it comes with other symptoms too.

When you breathe in your stomach hurts?

If you have a cramping feeling in your torso (possibly near the stomach), it could mean that you have sore muscles in that are and that when the diaphragm lifts to let air flow through your lungs, the sore muscles contract, which causes the pain -- unless it really is hurting directly in your stomach.

Why do your muscles feel sore after training?