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What type of food do people in peru eat?


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The same kind of food we eat


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People in Peru eat chicken, Paneton meat,Corn,carrots and, many Fruits and Vegetables.

what type of food do the people eat in Dijon france

Ceviche is a popular food in Peru. They also eat cuy which is guinea pig meat.

Probably yes because when I was on tour of Peru, I had see lots of people are eat guacamole in Peru.

they had eyes from sea loins, and guts from other animals

They eat greek food, but mainly kebabs!!

Normal everyday food... what do you think we eat?

Patatoes , chicken , meat , beans , just spanish foods .

you will eat spanish foods

Shinto people eat any type of Japanese food.

they usually eat frozen or caned food.

Peru eats llamas, chicken, rice, and beef. Just mostly what we eat! Except for the llama!

GUINEA PIGS!! And normal food too...

the eat evey thing we Americans eat

They eat the same as us .fullstop

Spanish food such as fish and meat

People who live and work temporarily in Antarctica eat the food that their government imports for their diets. Generally, it is the food familiar to these people in their homeland.

People eat the same food that you eat. Except if you are a different race. For example Indian people like to eat Curry, Italian people like to eat pasta and there are many more examples!

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