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What type of food is eaten in India?

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India has a number of foods, On one hand, you will get the

proper five-course meal, complete with the proper ambience and

candlelights. While on the other, you will also get the roadside

junk food.

Maharashtrian Thali

A thali usually includes two vegetables, a dal, salad, rotis,

rice, papad and vadas. Durvankur, Shabari, Krishna, Shreyas are the

most prominent eateries. The sitafal rabdi, aloo chee bhaji, jawari

bajri bhakri, waal, amti, taak, puri and poli are some of the

favorite items.

North Indian Food

North Indian cuisine is distinguished by the proportionally high

use of dairy products; milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and

yoghurt (yogurt, yoghourt) are all common ingredients. Gravies are

typically dairy-based. Other common ingredients include chilies,

saffron, and nuts. Popular dishes include paratha, roti, kebabs,

makki ki roti,sarso ka saag, buknu, gujiya, chaat etc. which is

served at Lucknowi, Only Parathas and The Great Punjab

South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine is distinguished by a greater emphasis on

rice as the staple grain, the liberal use of coconut and

particularly coconut oil and curry leaves, and the ubiquity of

sambar and rasam at meals. South Indian food varies wildly from the

ubiquitous paper masala dosa, wada sambar and uthappa. Vaishali,

Rupali, Coffee House, Dosa Diner are some of the famous restaurants

serving south Indian food.

Street Stalls

Street food is prepared then and there in the open air, is

incredibly at low prices and service is quick.There is lack of

proper seating. Street food ranges from the original chaat fare

through South Indian idlis and dosas, the vada-pau, Moghlai kababs

and biryanis, sweets like jalebis, balushahis, and gulab jamuns,

snacks such as puri-bhaji or stuffed paratha and innovative dishes

such as Frankies and rolls of all shapes and sizes.

Gujarati Thali

Gujarati cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. A typical Gujarati

thali consists of roti, daal or kadhi, rice and sabzi. (a dish made

up of different combinations of vegetables and spices, which may be

stir fried, curry-like, or even dry boiled). Many gujarati dishes

have a blend of sweetness, like Shrikhand, Basundi, Puran Poli etc.

Some of the popular restaurants are Zaika, Ashoka and Sukant

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