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egg was dropped in a glass of water

2007-11-04 15:01:43
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What type of food was into a glass to tell fortunes by the picture it formed?

Tea leaves.

What are picture graphs of atcient Egypt?

a "picture-graph" or "pictograph" is a egyptian picture formed as a graph.

Where did the idea of witchcraft come from?

Witchcraft goes back thousands of years. The idea that people could kill their supposed enemies by way of magical powers, formed the belief in witches.

A picture formed by light?


What is the difference between a delta and an alluvial fan?

Deltas are formed when sediment is dropped out at the mouth of the river. Alluvial fans are formed when sediment is dropped out from a steep canyon onto a flat plain.

When a shadow is formed does the object have to be opaque?

when a shadow is formed there should be an opaque object the picture can be formed on the screen.

How baby formed pictures?

by taking a picture

When was the idea of witchcraft first bought to the US?

Witchcraft, in its many forms, has been believed in by people the world over. It has followed humankind in all of its travels, and migrations. Many of the aboriginal peoples of North America believe in witchcraft. It would be hard to put an exact date on when witchcraft originally came to the United States, but my most accurate guess would be that it was there before the United States was formed.

The reflection or picture of an object formed by a mirror is called?


Anyone have a picture of a plane that intersects two planes?

Think of a cuboid. Then picture the plane formed by one of its sides, intersecting the two planes formed by the top and bottom. Why don't you just google it

How do scientists believe the land bridge was formed?

The sea level dropped when glaciers trapped water.

What happens to zinc when it is dropped into hydrocloric acid?

It would fizz The zinc chloride, ZnCl2 is formed.

What should be the role of citizens in monitoring laws an punishments in New England governments?

The community formed a special court to judge the witchcraft cases.

How was Death Valley formed?

by the wind carrying dead bodies into a pit forming a valley, hints the name "death valley" Death Valley is a block of land that has been dropped between parallel faults. It dropped so far that Death Valley is the lowest point in the United States. So, death valley was formed when it was dropped between parallel faults.

What is a picture called formed by light?

Every imaginable picture that is visible is formed by light, but you may be referring to photographs, relatively permanent images made by exposing photo-sensitive emulsions or surfaces to focused light.

Did Henry VIII Chang anything?

Yes. He dropped out of the Roman Catholic Church and formed the Church of England.

What happen when sodium is dropped in water?

Sodium hydroxide is formed and hydrogen is released; the reaction is very violent.

What is a picture of a object formed after light rays have been reflected or refracted?


How is a horst formed?

A horst is formed from extension of the Earth's crust. The raised block is a portion of the crust that generally remains stationary or is uplifted while the land has dropped on either side.

What is the picture formed by a camera called?

well if you just want a stright awnser its a photo.

How was the Atlantic ocean formed?

When the "right" and "left" parts of Pangaea pulled apart, the rift valley that formed widened and dropped below sea level. They're still pulling apart.

How was paramore formed?

Paramore ws formed when Hayley dropped out of school and she met josh and the others in the place where shegot her work and aftr they heared her sing they decided to form a band! :D

What year was the band Brujeria formed in Los Angeles?

Californian metal band Brujeria formed in 1989. The word brujeria is the Spanish word for witchcraft. This apt as the band all sing in Spanish. They are currently signed to the Roadrunner record label.

What is the meaning or red apples in witchcraft?

Red Apples can have a variety of meanings as can most things. Apples are a sacred item in witchcraft because of the star shape that is formed inside. A star is a sacred symbol to witches. The fruit is used at Mabon and Samhain and is also used for love spells and is a symbol of knowledge.

What are the Details on how the shape of the grand canyon is formed?

there was a big river or ocean that cut away the ground, but the water level dropped