What type of foods should a person on a 800 calorie restriction diet eats?

800 calories a day?? You need to consult a doctor before considering such an extreme diet. Most people could not sustain themselves on 800 calories a day for very long at all, even if they were completely sedentary. While caloric restriction has been shown to have some health benefits in humans, 800 calories a day is extreme for a caloric restriction diet, even for a tiny person. And while benefits have been shown as compared to a standard American diet for people living semi-sedentary lives, no study has concluded that a caloric restriction diet is superior to a well-balanced, normal calorie diet with plenty of exercise. A caloric intake as low as 800 calories would prevent you from carrying out any sort of sustained exercise or physical activity. Unless you're morbidly obese, you will not fare well on 800 calories/day. If one were to consume 800 calories a day it would have to be extremely short-run. During that time though, consuming the most nutritionally dense products- fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean protein would be critical. It would be necessary to eliminate all empty calories, such as added sugars, from one's diet in order to allow enough room for fruits and vegetables. It should be possible to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (anywhere from 30-80 calories a serving), 60 grams of protein (from egg whites or lean turkey/chicken) and a few servings of whole grains, perhaps a handful of nuts. Consume a multivitamin. While most Americans get more than enough protein, you could certainly suffer from a deficiency in protein- or a host of other nutrients, for that matter. No one should undertake an 800 calorie diet unless under the supervision of a trained medical professional. Persons consuming 800 calories a day may be anoretic, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Seek treatment if you believe you have an eating disorder.