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aternative rock

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Q: What type of genre does Metro station play?
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Can you see a picture of the Metro Station?

the band yes just go to google and type in metro station pics. that will take you to pics of the band or it will take you to the pics of the real station.

What is dwdm?

DWDM is a radio station in Metro Manila. You can find it at 95.5 FM and it is an adult contemporary type of station.

What is a play in terms of literature?

It is a type of literature; a genre. It is the same as drama What type of literature is a play? A:fiction

What type of piano do you use to play kelsey by metro station?

in the music video Blake uses and electric piano, probably changed the sound too so that it would sound like that

What type of genre did ravi shankar play?

According to, Ravi Shankar is listed under the genre of "Classical".

What type of genre does Billy Joel play?

Classic rock/pop.

What type of genre is 12 angry men?

the genre of 12 angry men is a play full of drama . Basically is drama

What type of genre does the trombone most play in?

Mostly in jazz and classical music.

What genre of music does the ukulele fit into?

Any genre you wish it to fall into. It has been used to play pretty much every type of music there is.

How do you make multiple stations on pandora?

In the upper left hand corner of the window, it should say "New Station." Just type in a song/artist/genre/etc. and it will create a new station!

There is a song by a band that sounds like Metro Station if it isn't them already with the lyrics I'll be your American boy but it isn't the song American boy Does anybody know it?

iv never heard it but there are some songs that metro station has that rnt on any albums because they wrote them before they got famouse. if i were you i would type in some of the lyrics in youtube and c if anything bout metro station pops up. srry i couldn't be more of help.

What type of genre did Jimi Hendrix play?

Hard Rock, Hard Blues, Blues, and Psychedelic rock

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