Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What type of girl is Dylan Sprouse looking for?

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What type of personalaty does Dylan Sprouse like on a girl?

romantic tall smart and funny. How do i know that? dont ask

What type of girl does Dylan Sprouse like?

he said this on youtube."i like a girl with a good smile she can make me laugh.and tall.and last but not least..a girl with brown hair. :))

Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a big brother?

yes they have a big brother. to prove go to youtube and type in Dylan sprouse and then you will see that he has a big brother yes! they both are twins Dylan is the elder one and is born two minutes before cole

What type of girl does Dylan and Cole Sprouse like?

on his blog on sprousebros he says -Dylan likes girls with nice eyes and a fun personality. he wasnt someone that isn't like 'omg you're Dylan sprouse!' he also tends to go for brunettes over blondes and like exotic looking girls and to be christian certainly -cole doesnt really care about hair colour or eye colour, he just likes longer hair and a bubly personality hope this helps

Who are the people who play on the suite life of Zack and Cody?

Type your answer here... Dylan and cole sprouse

Does Dylan Sprouse like tall dirty blonde haired girls?

I don't know...he could like every girl if the girl is in his type. no Dylan prefers girls that have brunette or black hair with blue eyes but i don't think he would mind someone else without these characteristics

What type of girl are you looking for?

Everyone is looking for a different type of girl, if they are even looking for a girl at all.

Is Dylan Sprouse engaged?

Yes, as of 2011 it was on his wiki page that he and apparently his girlfriend named Aprille Doktor are engaged. Go to Google and type in "Dylan Sprouse wiki" an it's the second one from the top. It say's Dylan Thomas Sprouse on top, and the second sentence he admits to being engaged. They have kept their romance quiet because no one has heard of their relationship or can find any pictures of the two together.

Where can you find pictures of Zack and Cody?

type in cole and Dylan sprouse/Zack and Cody in Google images or visit their official website:www.sprousebros.com

What type of girl is he looking for?

it depends what kind of girl you are

How do you get your hair like Dylan Sprouse?

Just find a pic of him with the hairsyle you want and take it to a salon and ask them if that particular style will work for your head shape and hair type.

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse fat?

Yes,I believe they were born to be fat. Dylan Jiggles like a fat piece of poop. And cole is the biggest man in the world. Look it up in Google images look up GOOGLE IMAGES and type in the worlds fattest.

Can cole and Dylan sprouse drive?

Yeah, they both have cars. But I'm not sure what type of car. In January 2009 they will be on Pimp my Ride, they are getting their rides pimped by west coast customs.

Looking for a promo code for American girl doll?

type in google american girl promo codes

What type of girl is kelly breeding looking for?

he likes u baby shakalakaboomboom

What type of girl is ray ray looking for?

a smart intellent girl somewhone who is cute,skinny (not to skinny), and somewhone who has a grat personallity

What is lips carnudos?

its the type of lips bill is looking for in a girl p.s look on google images

What is Justin biener's type?

!!More of like a latin or a hispanic looking girl:) Hope that helped!!

What type of girl is Princeton from mindless behavior looking for?

Mindless and likes him for who he is and a good sense of style.

What type of girls does Cole Sprouse like?

in a talk interview,Dylan said that cole liked a girl with braces. BUT IT DOSENT MATTER COS ALL YOU GIRLS OUT THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL!! LOL :) :P ......... Well, yes, Dylan DID say that Cole liked a girl with braces, but do you see anybody that he dated who had braces? He ALSO said that it would be ok if they didn't have it, but he wants somebody down-to-earth, nice, sweet, smart, and someone not conceited. He wouldn't mind dating a fan. He also wouldn't mind dating girls between the age 11-17. And how do I know all of this????? Because I have a huge crush on him like any other girl. I love him!!! he love Asian girls

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