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What type of government was formed after the American Revolution?



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The Articles of the Confederation governed American politics Several important things to know. 1) the Continental army was placed under the control of Congress. 2) Each state was given the power to levy it's own currency, making intrastate trade nearly impossible. 3)The state governments were given more power than the federal government. 4) The Larger states had more power and representation in congress, which was probably the most signifcant fault of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. 5) Also very significant, Congress was denied the ability to collect Taxes or Regulate Trade. 6) The state governments had each obtained individual debts during the war. Many larger states incurred a much higher debt, while smaller states incurred a lower debt. As more power rested in the hands of the larger states, who had a greater population, the larger states could easily vote for the assumption of state debt, which would require all the states to pay for a single states' debt rather than that state paying off the debt alone. There are many other things that resulted in the weak government set up after the articles. The government could best be described in political terms as a Representative Democracy, or a Republic, but then again that is what our current system is also labeled.