What type of grades did MJ make in school?

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MJ grew up in a very ghetto neighborhood, where the schools weren't that good. MJ had a C- average, for the averages of each and every one of his school years, then the mean of the years.
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If you male the shoes you drew to MJ would he make them if he likes them?

Answer although mj does have input in the shoes there is a team of designers that draws them and he adds or approves them. but if he like what you drew he might include part of it in the shoes. i say go for it --- SoloDIY means that you can design your shoes by yourself, Also having the picture of ( Full Answer )

Why does high school students make good grades?

To get good grades you have to .... 1. Study for tests for about thirty minutes. 2. Participate. 3. Pay Attention. 4. Behave. 5. Flatter teachers. 6. Hand in reports on time. 7. come to school early. 8. Do your homework. 9. Ask questions (smart people ask questions). 10. Do more than other ( Full Answer )

Who is mj?

MJ most commonly refers to: . Michael Jackson (singer) . Michael Jordan (athlete) . Mary Jane Watson (from Spiderman Comics) . marijuana (personified)

What are grades in school?

0%-59% f . 60%-63% d- . 64%-66% d . 67%-69% d+ . 70%-73% c- . 74%-76% c . 77%-79% c+ . 80%-83% b- . 84%-86% b . 87%-89% b+ . 90%-93% a- . 94%-100% a

How do you make good grades in school all year around?

Study, study, study. Ask questions. Practice. Eat properly, sleep at regular hours, get a bit of exercise outdoors. And study, study, study more. Pay attention, study, do a lot of reading, put effort all your school, and never give up and keep doing the best that you possibly can do, sleep, eat pro ( Full Answer )

How do you make a Chinese lantern for a good grade in school?

fold it in half (hamburger), cut as many lines as you want, tape or glue the two ends of the paper together (forming two circles, one on top one on the bottom), press the two circles together. Then, you can hole punch it and tie it to a string. Wa-La!

What is mj?

It can stand for Michael Jackson or Michael Jordon, or Mary Jane. And some people use it as slang for marijuana.

What is grade school?

First 6-8 yrs of a child's teaching at a school, starting around age 5 or 6

What grades do you need from school to get into law school?

It depends what law school you want to go to. To get into Harvard or Yale, you need a 3.75 or better with very good LSATs, although GPAs as low as 3.4 are sometimes good enough for the top 5 schools if your LSATs are very high (175+) or you are an outstanding individual in other ways. If you're a we ( Full Answer )

Does grade school include high school?

Grade school doesn't include high school, since grade school is also known as elementary school, the usual levels from Kindergarten to 5th or 6th grade. High school can be referred to either including 7th and 8th grade through 12th, or not including 7th and 8th grade.

What grades are grade school?

Grade school is grades 1-6. Middle school is grades 7 and 8, and 9-12 is high school.

Did Kobe make good grades in school?

Kobe got good grades and did very good on the Sat's which aloud him to go straight to the NBA out of highschool. This lockout sucks.

Does school uniforms affect grades?

Uniforms don't really affect grades. It just affects the peoplearound them because it keeps others from judging others on how theydress. With one less problem to worry about (dressing up), studentsare able to focus a bit better in their school work since theyalready know what clothing they must wear ( Full Answer )

What high school grades do you need to make to become a Child Custody Lawyer?

In order to become a child custody lawyer, first you have to be accepted into law school, and then graduate from law school. You will also be required to write the Bar Exams in your jurisdiction, following which you will be "called to the Bar." At that point, you will be a lawyer and you can (within ( Full Answer )

What to do when you get a bad grade in school?

Well, talking from experince here, its best to strap yourself down over the side of the couch and whip yourself on the rear with a leather strap. Worked for me.

Is fifth grade middle school?

Yes, it can be depending on the school district. I taught in a middle school for 25 years and it started at 5th grade.

Why is the grading scale in schools changing?

according to Heraclitus, the only constant in this world is change. Hence, there is no place here that is not changing. With regards to your question, probably, the old scale of grading is not effective anymore. Since it already lost its worth, the best thing is disregard that scale and replace it w ( Full Answer )

Can you drop out of school in the seventh grade?

It depends on your age and the state in which you live. State education laws are written that children must go to school from age 6 or 7 until age 16 to 18. The grade you are in does not matter, only your age. Check for your state, or resubmit your question and include your state.

What is the highest grade in high school?

On my report cards they use numbers, and the highest grade you can get is a 100, even if you're actually making over a 100 in the class, maybe other schools do it differently.Sometimes you can get higher than 100.0 if you work very hard or like do alot of things that are extra credit.

Bad grades your Freshman year and Sophomore year in High School. Do you still have a chance at a decent college scholarship if you can make good grades your Junior and Senior year?

No, you will receive an application that will ask you to work at McDonald's. Then the college will tell you that you have failed and that you have no chance. Oh yeah...They're gona say ur fat. wow u fucin dirtbag the kid is asking a reasonable question. why take your time and answer him like t ( Full Answer )

Why do schools have the A-F grading system?

Public schools don't have the F-A+ grading system anymore, as far as I know, and it is different for most private schools. But when they did, F stood for "fail." I don't know why they stopped using this system in regular day-to-day grading, but this traditional method continues to be used on most pu ( Full Answer )

What type of make up should you wear in seventh grade?

this is mostly personal preference my opinion is mascara and mabey eyeliner the average 7th grader doent need foundation if anything mabey a concealer (but only if they need it) also mabey a tinted moisturizer

What to give a grade school graduate?

you could give them some balloons or a scrap book or try to throw an after party or take them out to eat after the graduation..... A: My parents always bought me new school supply's for the next school year. In all honesty; i never had a bicycle and i always wanted one. Maybe a bicycle is a good i ( Full Answer )

What do you need for school in the eighth grade?

It is different for every school. Keep an eye on your school's website, to see if they post a supply list, or email one of the eighth grade teachers. It probably won't be much different than last year, but your teachers will probably have specific things that they want you to get. Make sure that you ( Full Answer )

What can you do to make your lowest grade into a high grade?

study for everything and give it 100 percent do all your homework if u need help ask you teacher im sure they would say after and help u just try and u will pass the class but u have to do ur best and work hard before u do something else before school work

What grades make up middle schools?

Usually grades 6-8 or just grades 7 and 8. In a few places it's grades 5-8. And there are some "junior high" schools serving grades 7-9 that still exist. They used to be the norm in the old days but are not common anymore.

How do you make a longhouse for a school project in fifth grade?

items you will need: glue(must be in bottle), barks from trees, a box, and a brown coth or whatever u have is brown 1.u cut a hole in the box and then 2. put glue on the barks not the hard part the smooth part. 3. put the barks on the box before it dries dont put it on the door 4. and then inside ( Full Answer )