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depends on your style but fender squiers are cheap and sound good. plus any guitar made by dean.

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What is a good guitar for a beginner?

Best Buy has a beginner guitar that is great for young children learning how to play and is only $50.

Is a classical guitar better than acoustic guitar for a beginner?

The classical guitar is best bacause guitarists are most familiar with it.

What is the best acoustic guitar brand and why?

Yamaha is the best beginner guitar brand because that is what they specialize in. Sure there are other brands like Epiphone and Fender, but Yamaha is known for making student and beginner instruments.

What would be a beginner guitar?

A good beginner guitar is the Ibanez GSA60. Its affordable, has great sound and it seems pretty durable. I am also a beginner and just got this guitar and i love it!

How much is an guitar cost?

Well that would depend on the type of guitar you want. You can get a beginner guitar for a little under $200 or you can get a really expensive guitar costing over $1000

What is the best guitar for a beginner?

A great guitar that most musicians would recommend for a beginner guitarist is the Squier Stratocaster. These normally cost around £79 to £129 if you look in the right places.

What type of guitar is convenient for a beginner to play?

As a guitarist I would think that beginners should start with an acoustic guitar. However this is all to taste. It may be easier with an electric if you are that type of person!

What is the best size guitar to learn to play with?

If you are 13+ , get a full size beginner guitar like a fender cd60 Otherwise get a 3/4 size

What is the best amp for a beginner guitar player?

The Behringer GMX210 True Analog Modeling 60W Guitar Amp ia a good starter amp.

What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?

The Maestro by Gibson is a great acoustic for a beginner.

What is a good beginner electric guitar?

Here, I suggest a black basic "Fender Stratocaster" guitar. It is not to fancy, nor not too bland. It is personally, my best opinion.Thanks!

What type of sewing machine would be best for a beginner to learn on?

Any Brother sewing machine will be simple for the beginner to start working on.

Is the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar a good choice for a beginner?

It may not be the best as it is different in tone from the standard precission base.

Where can one purchase a beginner book on how to play a guitar?

You can purchase a beginner book on how to play a guitar online from the Amazon website. Once on the site, do a search for "Guitar Lesson" to bring up the available book listings.

Is the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar a good guitar for a beginner?

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a good guitar for a beginner. It is priced at an affordable amount and is comfortable to hold while learning. The frets are easy to navigate as well.

What type of semihollow guitar is the best to use?

Saying what type of guitar is best is a mater of opinion, Personally I like gibson's semi hollowbodies.

What is a good electric guitar for a beginner?

I think the perfect guitar would be an Ibanez GRGM 21 Gio Micro guitar.

Where in California can a beginner take guitar lessons?

Beginner guitar lessons can be taken at Vhenrys, Virtuoso Guitar Academy, Craig Sternberg Guitar Lessons,La Voix Studio, Rock University (Rock U), and Dancing On Strings which are all located in California.

What are some good beginner acoustic guitar songs to learn?

Everyone is familiar with the music of the Beatles. Many of the Beatles early "Liverpool Days" songs are excellent beginner guitar material.

where can i get beginner bass guitar lessons online?

The best way to learn the bass guitar easily is to teach yourself. You can find instructions on the website for E How. You can also go to your local music store.

What is the best electric guitar for a begineer?

Squire Telecasters are great beginner guitars. They're inexpensive, extremely playable and sound pretty good.

What is the Best guitar type?

That is hard... Gibson or Fender.

Is a denstone guitar a good one?

It's a cheap beginner guitar. Worth buying if your not sure if you'lll stick with it.

What is the best type of constictor snake for a beginer?

The Corn Snake is a rather popular beginner snake.

What is the best type of horse?

a shire or cob for a beginner or a welsh section or Arab for an advanced rider

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