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Zebras live in the Savannah or the safari.

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What habitat do zebras live in?

they live in the Savannah's, or in grass lands or woodlands.

Do pandas zebras and giraffes live in the same habitat?

Giraffes and zebras share the same habitat but not the pandas. They don't even share the same continent.

Do zebras live in savannas?

Yes zebras do live in savannas because zebras live in grasslands and a savannas are a type of grasslands

Do jaguars hunt zebras?

No, jaguars and zebras do not naturally live anywhere near one another. The jaguar's natural habitat is in the Americas, primarily Central America, while the zebra's natural habitat is in Africa.

What type of climate do zebras live in?

they live on the savanna they like summer

What type of habitat does a snail live in?

It lives in a forest type of habitat

Why are zebras endangered?

Zebras are endangered because of poaching and habitat destruction.

How long do zebras survive in captivity?

Zebras can be seen in Zoo. In their natural habitat Zebras can live up to 25 years. This factor depends on food and predators. Disease also can shorten their lie span.

What type of home do zebras make?

Zebras are herd grazers on the open savana. They don't live in a home.

How long does zebras sleep?

what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

Where exactly do zebras live?

zebras live in africa

Do zebras live in a forest?

No, zebras live in the savanah

Do zebras live in rainforests?

Zebras live on grasslands.

Do zebras live on their own?

Zebras live in herds.

What type of shelter dose zebras use?

Zebras are herd animals of the African savanna. They do not have shelters, but live on the open grasslands.

Do zebras live in a jungle?

zebras do not live in a jungle, they live in the savanah

What are zebras habitat?

The plains of Africa (savanah)

Do they have zebras in Hawaii?

Absolutely not! Wrong habitat!

Is a zebra in danger of losing it's habitat?

Yes zebras are losing their habitat and it is going very unnoticed... Spread the awareness and get involved to help zebras!

What country in Africa do zebras live in?

They live in different countries. Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Angola, south Africa and much more. It depends on what sort of type they are, for example:mountain zebras, grasslands... different zebras will live in different countries due to what sort they are.

Where the zebras live?

Zebras live on the open plains of the Serengeti.

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