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Any type of home business that has been concealed from the insurance company could invalidate "all" coverage under your homeowners insurance policy.

Your contract with your insurance company will require that you disclose any home business operation when you apply for or renew the policy.

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Q: What type of home business would invalidate a home insurance policy?
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Where can we find business insurance prices?

Business insurance prices can vary depending on the policy limits. We would be happy to work with you to see what your needs are and if we have a policy that works for you.

Why would small business need an insurance policy?

Small businesses need an insurance policy just as large businesses do. Small businesses need an insurance policy because they need protection for liability.

Can a commercial business insurance policy protect you if your personal pet bites someone?

No pet bites would be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

What are some companies associated with Key Man Insurance?

Key Man Insurance is an insurance policy taken out by a business to compensate that business for financial losses that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business. Some companies associated with this policy include Nationwide and Mozdex.

Which companies offer cafe insurance?

The best way to attain Cafe insurance would be to go through a small business insurance policy. Small Business policies can be found at any common insurance company.

What is the cost of bonding insurance in Raleigh NC for a cleaning business?

The cost of bonding insurance depends on the amount of insurance you would like to purchase for your business. You can usually get a policy for a couple hundred dollars.

Do all business owners need commercial auto insurance?

The only time you would not need it is if your personal auto insurance policy already covers you for your business use. If they would not cover then you need to purchase commercial insurance for that vehicle.

Do I need general insurance for my business?

If you are purchasing insurance for your business or employees the nit would be a good idea to have an agent. They can answer any questions and set up your policy for you. Try

Does your car insurance go up when someone backs into your car when your not in it?

Normally this would not cause an insurance policy to increase, but it is possible. Every insurance company is different and have different rates. You should check with your insurance company directly and ask. Not at fault accidents can effect the price of a policy when the policy is new business with a company.

What type of insurance coverage does a small business need?

Your husband would do best in seeking out commercial property insurance of an all-risk policy, which covers those problems known to be common with small business.

What is BPP insurance?

BPP stands for Business Personal Property (or Contents Insurance). It would be part of a Property type policy and would cover any contents located at the covered location.

I rent a home with a detached shop that I run a business out of. If my car damages the building and my business contents will my comprehensive pay for my assets and the landlords building?

Renters InsuranceNo. Your renters Insurance Policy is personal lines residential tenants coverage. It should provide coverage for your "Personal Property" and may have some liability and personal injury coverage as well. Your Renters or "Tenants Policy" would not cover your business property nor the property of another person. Your landlord is expected to have his own property coverage.If you need coverage for your business property you would need to pick up a business owners insurance policy. Your personal lines residential rental policy would not cover your business property.AnswerYou'd have to examine the contents of your vehicle insurance policy to determine what would be covered.

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