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Adam Cartwright rode a 7/8 Thoroughbred gelding. It was a sorrel with three white socks, a marking on its front left leg that looked like an upside down "v", and a blaze down its face.

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In Bonanza: Ben Cartwright rode Buck Little Joe rode Cochise Hoss rode Chub Adam rode Sport Note: The real names of the horses the Cartwright sons rode were Streak, Slippers and Tomahawk

The Cartwrights could and did ride horses. In fact, their horses became as familar to America as the Cartwright men themselves. Patriarch Ben Cartwright always rode the buckskin, appropriately named Buck. Adam, the oldest of the Cartwright sons always rode a chestnut named either Beauty or Sport. Hoss, the middle son, rode a Quarter Horse X named Chub and youngest son Little Joe always rode the flashy black and white Paint named Cochise.

Pernell Roberts (Adam) rode Beauty but Beauty was no cooperating so they picked another horse for him.

It seems that the buckskin colored horse that Ben Cartwright rode in Bonanza was the same horse that was used by Marshal Matt Dillon in the series Gunsmoke.

When he was in England to film Sleepy Hollow Mr. Depp aquired 'Gunpowder', the gray horse he rode in the movie. The horse has mistakenly been identified as an Andalusian but he was not. Nor was he a Fresian, which was the breed of horse that the Headless Horseman rode.

He rode the Spanish-Norman which is a breed that is exstinct, but people simulate the breed by crossing the percheron and the andelusion.

And the Horse They Rode In On was created on 1990-09-04.

He never rode a horse. He rode a donkey.

A horse that rode too young of course!

Pegasus is the name of the horse that bellerophon rode.Pegasus is a winged horse

The horseman representing war rode a red horse.

Record how long you rode for, where you went, what you did, what horse you rode, what you learned (if you're a greenhorn just learning how to ride), whether you rode Western or English, etc.

The headless horseman rode a Freisan. Considered a 'warmblood', they are Spanish in origin.

Ben rode a buckskin named Buck. Adam rode a 7/8 sorrel thoroughbred named Sport. Hoss or Eric rode a dark brown horse named Chubb or Chubby. Little Joe rode a black and white pinto named Cochise whom he often called Cooch.

Rode. Example: I rode Thunder all morning, he is a very fast horse.

No he rode a Mongolian horse.

No. he rode a horse named Misty.

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