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What type of automobile begins with J?

Jaguar, Jazz (Honda), Jimmy (GMC), Jetta (VW,) Jeep, JensenInterceptor, Jowett, Joy (Chevrolet) and jalopy are automobiles.

How did Type One Diabetes begin?

It usually starts when you have too much protein and sugar and not enough of the healthy foods. You are not balanced, therefor you have diabetes.

What is a type of ship beginning with X?

The US Navy's FSF-1 is an experimental catamaran Fast Sea Fighter which joins speed and stealth in a 50 knot speed, 4,000 mile range and a crew of five officers and 21 enlisted. It is still a test vessel and is dubbed X-Craft.

Which house do money bills begin in?

only bills on taxation and spending have to originate in the House of Representatives, and also articles of impeachment. Otherwise each house is fair game

What is a type of car that begins with a w?

Waaijenberg Walter Wanderer Warszawa Wartburg Way Weber Sportscars Wendax Westcott Westfield White Whitlock Wiesmann Wikov Willys / Willys-Overland Willys-Knight Wolseley Wuling Those are the only car manufacturers that a can think of that start with w...

Type of car beginning with an a?

the first car that comes to mind is the amc (American motor corp.) ie the hornet or grimlin. Aston martin is also a good one

What type of car begins with the letter I?

· Ibiza (Seat) · Impala (Chevrolet) · Imperial (Chrysler) · Infiniti · Integra (Acura) · Intrepid (Dodge) · Ion (Saturn) · Iso Grifo · Isuzu

A type of food beginning with K?

Kabob, kale, Keebler cookies, Kellogg's Mini-Wheat cereals, Kentucky Fried Chicken, ketchup, key lime pie, kidney beans, kielbasa, kipper, kiwi, Kit Kat candy bar, Klondike bars, knackwurst, Kraft cheese, Krispy Kreme donuts and kumquat are food.

What type of car begins with R?

Rabbit (VW), Range Rover (Land Rover), Regal (Buick), Reliant (Plymouth), Renault, Rendezvous (Buick), Rivera (Buick), Roadmaster (Buick) and Rolls Royce are car models. They begin with the letter r.

What are some types of cars that begin with the letter G?

Galaxie (Ford), Gardner Roadster (Gardner Motor Car Company), Geo (Chevrolet), GMC, Golf (VW), Grand Am (Pontiac), Grand Cherokee (Jeep), Grand Marquis (Mercury), Grand Prix (Pontiac), Gremlin (American Motors), GTO (Pontiac) and GTX (Plymouth) are car models. They begin with the letter g.

When did smart house technology begin?

\n"Smart house technology" is a general catch-all phrase used to refer broadly to home automation devices, or devices that cause your home's lighting, climate control, doors, windows, et cetera, to respond appropriately to your voice commands or movements. Interestingly, while today's manufacturers ( Full Answer )

When does house season 6 begin?

Season 6 of "House MD" is due to begin on September 21st of 2009 with a special 2-hour season premiere starting at 8:00pm that you won't want to miss! . Hugh Laurie is reportedly signed on through Season 8, but is for sure signed through 2011 to play Dr. Gregory House. There will definitely be a Se ( Full Answer )

When did the appomattox court house begin?

Appomattox Court House began as Clover Hill Tavern in 1819. The name Appomattox Court House began to be used when the village became the county seat of the newly created Appomattox County in 1845. The McLean House (where Lee formally surrendered to Grant) was on the site of the original tavern. The ( Full Answer )

A type of car beginning with r?

AMC Rambler AMC Rebel Buick Riviera Buick Roadmaster Buick Regal Buick Rendezvous Chevrolet RS Chevrolet R-30 Chevrolet Rezzo Chrysler Royal Chrysler Regal Dodge Ram Dodge Ramcharger Dodge Rampage Dodge Raider Edsel Ranger Edsel Roundup Ford Ranger Ford Ranche ( Full Answer )

What type of houses did they have?

they had your moms home and something nasty went on!! jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk lol hehehe i have no idea luv ya byee

When did work on the White House begin?

The White House took 8 years to build and the first tenants were John and Abigail Adams in 1800, so it was started in 1792. When Adams and his wife moved in it still wasn't finished and had only 6 rooms finished. Mrs. Adams hung her laundry in the East Room that is now used for concerts, functions, ( Full Answer )

Things in the house which begin with the letter A?

apron . alarm clock . aspirin . address book . ash tray . aluminum foil . alcoholic beverages . ant traps . art work . artificial flowers . artificial sweeteners . air conditioner . ace bandage . afghan . aquarium . allergy medication . almanac . antiques . air freshener . applian ( Full Answer )

What types of mammals beginning with a?

Aardvark, alpaca, angus cattle, anteater, antelope, ape, Arabian horse, armadillo, airedale terrier, akita and Alaskan malamute are mammals. They begin with the letter a.

How do you begin to paint a wall in you house?

I am not sure how much detail you will need. Are you asking about painting a wall with a brush and roller?? . For starters, I figure how much paint will be needed and buy the paint. Get out your tools and drop cloth(s) and prepare the area so you will have enough room to work. . Remove picture han ( Full Answer )

Type of cat beginning with A?

Agora . The Turkish agora, not to be confused with the angora which is a type of goat or sheep, is a domestic cat also prized for its very soft fur.

Do you begin charging mileage from your house?

for tax purposes? depends on your normal commute, what country you live in, etc. this is too vague of a question. does this question even pertain to tax code?

What types of fish begin with V?

Vermilion rockfish is a fish speciesfound in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America.Viperfish is a fish species with long, needle-like teeth and hingedlower jaws.

Parts of a house beginning with f?

floor . fireplace . front porch . foyer . front entry way . family room . formal diningroom . formal livingroom . four car garage . furnace room

Types of food that begins with the letter A?

· acini di pepe (pasta) · acorn squash · alfalfa sprouts · alfredo sauce (fettuccine alfredo) · almonds · American cheese · anchovies · angel hair pasta · apple · apple butter · Apple Jacks cereal (Kellogg's) · applesauc ( Full Answer )

What type of fish begins with Z?

The zebra bullhead shark is found in the tropical shallow depths ofthe Indian and Pacific oceans. Zebra angelfish are sea creaturesthat are found in the Indian Ocean.

When does the new season of This Old House begin?

This Old House starts sometime in October. The date is apparently different, depending on where you live. Last year, they started on October 10th. Expect the new season to start the second or third week in October. SEE LINK

What type of animal begins with N?

Some animals that start with the letter N: Naked mole rat nanny goat narwhal Nile crocodile Nudibranch Numbat nutria

When does House of Anubis season 2 begin?

It will begin in January 7, 2012 ! But It Might Change ! And Season Will Have 90 Episodes !! =D Monday, January 9, 2012 every Mon-Fri at 7pm on Nick

When will house of Anubis Season2 begin?

Season 2 of House of Anubis starts in january 9 2012 (The first and second episodes named house of hello and house of dolls plays on january 7 2012) THE SHOW ENDS IN MARCH 2012 HOPE THERE IS SEASON 3 (I think there will be a season 3)

When does Type I diabetes usually begin?

Type I diabetes, sometimes called juvenile diabetes, begins most commonly in childhood or adolescence. In this form of diabetes, the body produces little or no insulin. It is characterized by a sudden onset

What types of veggies begin with b?

Babassu . Bael fruit . Baikal Skullcap . Balsam apple . Baobab . Barbados Gooseberry . Barestem biscuitroot . Bean . Bell Pepper . Bella Sombra . Ber . Bergamot . Bhandhanya . Birch-Leaved Pear . Bird Cherry . Bird's Foot Violet . Bird's nest fern . Bistort . Bitter Cress . Bitter ( Full Answer )

What type of koala begins with a T?

None at all. There is only one main species of koala (Phascolarctus Cinereus), and some disagreement about whether there are two or three sub-species , or indeed, whether there are any sub-species at all . According to the Australian Koala Foundation (see link below) the generally accepted s ( Full Answer )

Compound word which begin in house?

Houseboat, houseboy, housebreaker, housebroken, housecleaning, housecoat, housedress, houseguest, household, housekeep, housekeeper, housemother, houseplant, housesit, housetop, housewarming, housewife and housework are compound words. They begin with the word house.

What type of pronoun is beginning?

The word beginning is not a pronoun. The word 'beginning' is thepresent participle, present tense of the verb to begin. Thepresent participle of the verb also functions as an adjective and a gerund , a verbal noun. Examples: I am beginning my training at the community college nextmonth. (verb ( Full Answer )

What does the house do to begin a impeachment procces?

It is important to understand that impeachment is certainly not synonymous with removal from office , although laypersons have erroneously asserted it to be. In the case of a Presidential impeachment, the United States House of Representatives is called into special session. The House ( Full Answer )

What type of housing are council houses?

Council houses tend to be semi-detached, terraced or blocks of flats in design. These houses have generously sized bedrooms, but tenants were not encouraged to personalize their house.