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Q: What type of house one can see in Madhya Pradesh?
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What is the top PGDM college in Madhya Pradesh?

There are many PGDM colleges in Madhya Pradesh but i suggest you for my knowledge Xidas on of the Top PGDM College in Madhya Pradesh. Why? Some of my friends have studied here, one is in a bank and one is in Muthoot Finance. as per my knowledge xidas college of the best pgdm college in Madhya Pradesh

Is madhya pradesh bigger than Goa?

Madhya Pradesh is the largest state in India. Currently, Goa is one of the Union Territories.

Which is the top college for a PGDM in finance in Madhya Pradesh?

As per my knowledge pgdm in finance is trending course in india and xidas one of the top pgdm in finance college in madhya pradesh who offering pgdm in marketing, finance, hr and rural management in jabalpur, madhya pradesh, India with highly qualified faculty and and great placement.

Which website provides All Schemes related to Madhya Pradesh?

There are many Gov.and .Org website provide the all Schemes which is running in Madhya pradesh 2but i have one name its SearchSchemes.. It has above 400 Schemes go and visit

How many currency press is there in India?

2.... one in nasik (Maharashtra) & other is in Devas Madhya Pradesh

Which one of the state is called 'the Ethiopia of india' because of excessive malnutrition?

madhya pradesh called the Ethiopia of India

Where is Gujarat?

Gujarat;one of the leading states of the country is located in the western part of the country; flanked by Maharshtra in the South, Rajasthan in the north and Madhya Pradesh to the east.

How many sqare fit in one bigha?

The number of squares that will fit in a bigha depends on the sizes of the squares. Furthermore, a bigha is not a standard size. For example, a bigha in Western Uttar Pradesh is almost 44 times as large as a bigha in Madhya Pradesh.

How many sqare foot in one bigha?

A bigha is not a standard measure. It can be as small as 600 sq feet in Madhya Pradesh or as large as 9150625 in Central India - much the same part of the country!

What is the name current defence minister of mp?

If mp here stands for Madhya Pradesh, one of the states of India, there is no defence minister. Indian states do not have defence ministers. Only the centre has one and I suppose he is sufficient for the entire country

Is surname bhosure is in 96 kuli maratha?

surname bhosure belong to pawar ,parmar clan of maratha which has origin in dhar destiny in madhya pradesh . we r one of the decender of great raja bhoj.....

How many square feet in one katha in delhi?

1 katha in . . . Assam . . . . . 2,880 square feet Bengal . . . . . 720 square feet Bihar . . . . . . 1,361.25 square feet Madhya Pradesh . . . 6,000 square feet

What are the Mba colleges in madhya pradesh approved by aicte?

iifm is the one then manit iim indore they r major colleges then other colleges r also thr

What are the required documents to apply for the MET-MP?

MET-MP is the Management Entrance Test-Madhya Pradesh. MET-MP is used to select candidates for MBA courses in Madhya Pradesh State. You can obtain application forms/prospectus in several ways. One, write to Professional Examination Board, Chayan Bhawan, Main Road No. 1, Chinar Park (East), Bhopal 462 011. Two, call the Professional Board at 0755-2578801-04. Three, apply online at and select Online A/P Form.

What is date of counselling programme of pnst 2009 B.Sc. Nursing madhya pradesh?

As per news paper pnst counselling will be on 24-27 august 2009, but no internet link i got...... If any one got the link pls send me at

You have had done Ayurveda Rattan from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Prayag Could you got registration for clinical services?

It is heard that the Hon'ble Apex Court of our Country has given verdict aganist these two degrees Ayurved Ratna and Visharad of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in 2009. It is therefore, heard that most of the states have also derecognised these degrees for registration exept Madhya Pradesh. Presently, there the staus co position is being maintained as it is heard that there are about 38,000 these type of Ayurved Ratna and Visharad in M.P. It is a question of life and death for their families. Health is a state subject also. The State Government has to give consideration for these practisoners. After all, it all depends upon the State Government only. But since there is a decision given by the Hon'ble Apex Court every body is scarred of. It is natural. This is the reason for delay in deciding the fate of these practisioner by the MP State Government. It is heard that the Madhya Pradesh Ayurvedic Board has completely stopped registration and also issuance of duplicate registration certificate etc. Accordilly, it can be said that in Madhya Pradesh there is wait and watch position.Every thing depends upon mercy of the State Governemnt of M.P. there is some alternate also. In MP there are many institutions which are providing education in naturopathy one year certificate course. After this course registration from Paramedical Council of Madhya Pradesh is possible. This way these practisoners at least keep their clinic open converting from Ayurveda to Naturopathy. They can practice naturopathy with registration. The other alternate is that they can be enlisted like Kerala Government did. But for this purpose necessary amendment in the Ayurvedic Board Act is required.

Where is tiger state in India?

The Tiger State of Madhya Pradesh is ka the Heart of India, because of its central location in the country. It's capital city's Bhopal. It's bordered by the Indian states of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. It's known for its parks, natural beauty, and historic buildings. On the one hand, the state offers diverse cover for diverse wildlife, and diverse habitat for diverse cultures. On the other, its economy has shown a consistently low growth rate, and one of the worst malnutrition situations in the entire subcontinent.

What is a two-story type house?

A two-story house is one with two floors.

How Many Square Feets make one biswa in uttar Pradesh?

1236 Sq.feet in 1 biswa at Utter Pradesh

Who is the foreign minister of andhra pradesh?

no one

What type of house does Selena live in?

a big one....?

What is a dinner-house restaurant?

A dinner house restaurant is a casual dining restaurant. This type of restaurant usually has one type of theme throughout the place.

What is the capitol of Andhra Pradesh?

The capital of Andhra Pradesh is "hyderabad". Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in south India. Hyderabad is an IT hub and hence called Cyberabad. The city also homes the Telegu Film industry.

Which is the best playschool in India?

One of the best preschool situated in multiple regions in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi is canvas international Their close-knit staff whose only goal is your child's positive growth and fun.

What type of stone is the white house made of?

a white one