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The prisoners of the concentration camps were housed in military styled barracks. The plank bunks were stacked three high with four prisoners per bunk

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Q: What type of houses were there during the Holocaust?
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Where were the children hidden during the Holocaust?

Some kids hide in in the out-houses.

What did Jews eat at their houses during the holocaust?

The same foods as everyone else.

Where were some safe houses during the holocaust?

some were in Germany, some were in Holland.

What type of people were killed during the Holocaust and how many?

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of Europe's Jews. About six million were killed during the Holocaust.

Where did they put the id cards during the holocaust?

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How did the Jewish men look like during the Holocaust?

You can see pictures of them. Go to and click on Images and then type in the word Holocaust.

What kind of lighting was used in houses during the Holocaust?

Electric, oil and candle. There may have been some gas lighting, but i cannot confirm.

What is a good title for a story that takes place during the Holocaust?

How about 'During the Holocaust'.

Who were killed during the Holocaust?

The jews and the non jews were killed during the holocaust.

What was the anti-semitism during the Holocaust?

The antisemitism during the Holocaust was just an exaggerated form of pre-Holocaust antisemitism.

Did Hitler die during the Holocaust or after?

He died after the holocaust in his Berlin bunker on 30 April 1945 .===========Which was of course during the Holocaust

How many people other than Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, about 6.6 Million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Six million non-Jews were killed during the Holocaust, too.

Where did the camp prisoners sleep during the holocaust days?

Under houses, anywhere where the Natzi soldiers, germans, or Adolff Hitler would have looked. I am positive!

Where there Mexican's in the Holocaust?

The Mexicans were in Mexico during the Holocaust.

How did you spread love during the Holocaust?

by saying there is hope!!!!! that is how you spread love during the holocaust

Where did the term Pogrom originate during the holocaust?

The term Pogrom did not originate during the Holocaust.

Were families hidden during the Holocaust?

Yes, many people were hidden during the Holocaust.

What type of Jews did Hitler kill?

It didn't seem to make any difference to Hitler what type of Jews were killed during the Holocaust,

Were there safe houses during the holocaust?

yes, there were many houses that were used for hiding Jews. There were many houses where Jews would be able to stay for a night or so on their way to the coast/border. These were not always permanent, as conditions changed and the presence of hostile forces varied.

What kind of clothing did the women wear during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, women wore smock type dresses. Women wore shoes made similar to clogs. They had no change of clothes, and often slept in there dresses.

Where did the Jews sleep during the holocaust?

In the camps they slept on their cots or on a platform type of bed with other prisoners.

Who was the leader of the Jews during the Holocaust?

There was no 'leader of the Jews' during the Holocaust. The Jews were not a country or an organization.

Which nations helped Jews during the Holocaust?

No country specifically 'helped the Jews' during the Holocaust.

Who were the leaders of Russia during the Holocaust?

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of Russia during WW2 and the Holocaust.

How many people were killed during the holocaust experimentation?

There were 11,000,000 people murdered during the holocaust.