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What type of industry was there in the Rhode Island colony?

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Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island was strategically located in relation to the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. Hence, maritime trade became an important industry to colonial Rhode Island. Shipbuilding was the first major industry in the area. Fishing was also important to the economy of the colony.

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What type of colony was Rhode Island?


What type of colony did Rhode Island have?


Was Rhode Island a joint stock colony?

No, Rhode Island was not a type of joint stock colony. It was considered a type of royal colony because it was settled under a royal charter.

What type of government did colonial Rhode Island have?

rhode island was the first colony to declare independence from GREAT BRITAIN. the rhode island state constitution was adopted in 1842

What type of government did the Rhode Island colony have?

democratic goverment, sonn(:

What type of government did Rhode Island have in 1636?

The original government of Rhode Island was that of a Charter Colony. The Charter Colonies were written contracts that followed the British form of government.

What type of settlers came to the Rhode Island colony?

Mostly people from Massachusetts Bay that weren't Puritan, but anyone could go to Rhode Island and stay safely.

What type of religious beliefs and practices did Rhode island colony observe?

There are alot and I don't know all or them.

Rhode Island state bird?

The state bird of Rhode Island is the "Rhode Island Red" (a type of chicken).

What type of industry was in the Massachusetts colony?

Shoe making was an industry in the Massachusetts colony.

What type of church did Rhode Island support?

None. There was no Rhode Island State religion.

What animal is a Rhode Island?

I expect that you mean a "Rhode Island Red"? It is a type of Chicken.

What type of clothes did colonial children wear in the Rhode Island colony?

girls wore bonnets and long dresses and boys wore breetches

What type of animals does Rhode Island have?

Rode Island has Chickens

What type of government did Rhode Island have?


What type of entertainment is in Rhode Island?


Why is the Rhode Island Red important?

The Rhode Island Red is a type of chicken. They are important because they are bred for both their eggs and meat.

What type of people lived in the Rhode Island colony?

People who wished for political freedom and who were unhappy with the English Church. all types not a certain everyone who wants to live there

What type of clothing did people wear in the year 1636 in Rhode Island Colony?

they wore many layers worn in the year of 1636 for women the men wore breetches .

What type of agriculture did the Rhode Island colony have?

Mixed and varied to include orchards, vinyards, truck farms, egg and dairy productuion, grain, hay, silage and forage.

What type of government did Rhode Island have in the 1700?

Rhode islands government was legislative in the 1700's

For what type of buildings is Newport Rhode Island known?


What type of jobs did rhode island?

eating meat loaf

What type of jobs did the colonists in Rhode Island mainly have?


What type of auto insurance is required in Rhode Island?

You need to have $25000 bodily injury, $50000 liability, and $25000 property damage coverage in Rhode Island.