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When choosing ink cartridges for an HP printer match the the model number of the printer to the ink cartridge. Compatible generic ink cartridges can be used but may void the warranty.

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Printer type for ink jet and laser printers?

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

What is the meaning of cartrage in computers?

Ink cartridges are needed for printers.

Which type of printers use ink cartridges?

Usually known as an "inkjet" printer that uses blue, red and yellow ink cartridges, with some printers using an additional black ink cartridge.

How does ink cartridge make colors?

Yes the ink jet printers use a mixture of ink cartridges. The color cartridges are mixed with the black ink to create the needed colors for printing.

What is the difference between ink cartridges and laser ink cartridges?

Laser cartridges are made for laser printers. They are more accurate and produce a print that is more clean than traditional ink cartridges. They should not be used in ink printers.

What type of printer can the Canon CLI 8C ink be used in?

The HP Laser Jet is compatible with the Canon CLI-8C ink cartridges. These ink cartridges let out the right amount of ink that's needed to make printing very fast on these printers.

What different types of hp ink cartridges are there?

There are two main types of ink cartridges, colored, and black for HP printers. There are also special kinds of ink cartridges for certain printers.

What printers can use HP 350 and 351 ink cartridges?

which printers do 350 cartridges fit

What is meant by the term bravo ink?

Bravo ink is a term that refers to a certain type of ink cartridge for printers. There is also a company that is called Bravo Ink, and this company produces ink cartridges and toner for printers.

What is a chipped ink cartridge?

Chipped ink cartridges help to identify the type of cartridge assigned to a particular printer brand. For example, Hewlet Packard manufactures cartridges specifically for their own printers. Cartridges that are not chipped may not be of use for branded printers.

For what purpose do individuals purchase Deskjet Ink Cartridges?

Deskjet is a trademark owned by Hewlitt-Packard to describe a line of printers. Ink cartridges for the HP Deskjet printers contain the ink that allows these printers to successfully print.

How good are refillable ink cartridges for printers?

Most of them are just as good as new ink cartridges, but the important question to ask is do they have the right ink for your type of cartridge. The older your printer is, the less likely it is that they have the ink that you require.

What is special about the Dell ink cartridges?

The Dell ink cartridges are unique to Dell-manufactured printers, and maximize Dell printers' performance. In addition, there is a large variety of Dell ink cartridges, which helps the consumer find the perfect ink cartridge for their printer.

What printer uses the cheapest printer ink cartridges?

I think that Epson and Cannon printers have the cheapest ink cartridges for their printers. Hewlett Packard is about the most expensive ink that you could buy.

Are Dell ink cartridges only compatible with Dell printers?

Yes, Dell ink cartridges are specifically tailored for Dell printers. But with this these cartridges can be used in other devices manufactured by Dell like scanners, fax and photo copiers. Dell offers a wide array of printers, and their ink cartridges cost about 10 to 30 dollars. A list of ink cartridges to their corresponding printers can be accessed through the main Dell website. Not only for Dell, this is same the case with all other brands that they produce cartridges only for their on printers.

Laser printers use this instead of ink?

Laser printers use toner cartridges rather than ink.

What are the different types of printer ink cartridges?

There are two main types of printer ink cartridges. These are Sponge-Filled Cartridges and Vacuum Retained Cartridges. The sponge-filled cartridge is the most common type especially found in inkjet cartridges. Meanwhile Vacuum printer ink cartridges are mainly developed by HP for their printers.

How are ink cartridges for laser printer different from ink cartridges of other types of printers?

Laser print cartridges are larger than your typical ink jet cartridge. The also will last much longer than an inkjet cartridges. You typically find laser printers in a business setting.

Do photo printers use normal ink cartridges?

Photo inkjet printers use a specially formulated ink that is specific to the texture and thickness of photo paper. It is possible for photo printers to print normally using these same cartridges on regular paper, as some printers only take one type of cartridge to begin with.

Which ink cartridges are compatible with printers from the HP Color LaserJet 1600 series?

Some ink cartridges that are compatible with printers from the HP Color LaserJet 1600 series include the Q6003A and the HP124A. You can purchase these ink cartridges online from retailers such as Overstock and Amazon.

What is epson ink?

Ink cartridges that are made for Epson products (printers, copiers etc..)

Where can you buy cheap ink cartridges?

Cheap ink cartridges can be found at my different stores and websites. Some examples of websites that offer cheap ink cartridges are Amazon and eBay. Staples also offers cheap ink cartridges for printers.

Which inkjet cartridges from HP are compatible with other brands of printers?

There are no HP inkjet cartridges that are compatible with other brands of printers. Ink cartridges are shaped differently for different brands, and HP cartridges will only fit in HP printers.

What are the cheapest ink cartridges for printers?

The cheapest ink cartridges for printers will probably be found online at Walmart.com. They even have the option of buying their refill kit that works with most printers and saves both time and money with free shipping.

What are the different types of ink cartridges that are available in the UK?

We supply ink cartridges for all printers. Epson printers, Lexmark inkjet printers, HP printer cartridges and Dell to name just a few. All our printer ink cartridges are 100% guaranteed for quality and compatibility. All our low prices include VAT and we offer free delivery on all ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Quality products, great service and no hidden extras. You will be happy you picked Cartridge Save.

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