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What type of insurance does a person carry for driving a company car for personal use?


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The cheapest way to do this is just to have personal use added onto your current business auto policy. It's much more cost effective than buying a separate personal policy when not on company business.


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The insurance for the vehicle you drove will be primary, your personal insurance will be secondary. Be honest and give them the info for the person who owns the car, and your personal insurance info.

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That's a personal opinion but the person who is driving under the influence, not not at all that person's insurance shouldn't have to pay for it. If there was a victim involved, that other person's insurance company should pay the victim and maybe arrange for the person with the DWI to pay them back, or if so the person who did the DWI pays the victim.

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As long as the insurance is in your name only you just call the insurance companyBUTThis may be illegal unless the person driving the vehicle knows and agrees

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