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I have been arrested three times in the past; he first conviction was a D Felony for drugs; the second offense was a marijuana charge and third, an assault charge. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in business administration. Thinking that it would be almost impossible to find a job, i started working for loews theatres, later mergered with amc theatres. After three months into AMC they fired me from my position as a manager due to my felony conviction. Later seeking for employment, i landed a job at regal cinemas; knowing i had a criminal record, the General manager still considered me for hire; i landed the job, but i still think they handed me the position because of the shortage of managers.

They weren't allowed to fire you because of the conviction. See EEOC and conviction laws.

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Q: What type of job can a person with a felony get in New York?
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Is mail fraud a felony in new york?

I think mail fraud is a felony everywhere, but I know for a fact that it is a felony in New York.

If you moved to New York while on felony probation in Florida will New York extradite you back if you're caught?

if i move to new york and have a felony warent well thay send me back

How do you expunge a felony in new york?

Get the judge to do it.

What are the statute of limitations for cyber crimes in New York state?

It will depend on the specific charges and whether it is a felony or not. In New York, a felony will be limited to five years.

Can you get a new york state security license with a felony?


Is breaking and entering a felony or misdemeanor in new york state?

In New York State burglary, the crime of entering a building with intent to commit a crime therein, is a felony.

What is felony murder in new york?

When you intend to hurt or kill someone, and they die, it is felony murder.

Can a person with a felony conviction in New York obtain a firearm license in Oklahoma?

No. If you get a felony conviction anywhere, you may not own, purchase, or have access to firearms anywhere else. That's federal law.

Will new york state extradite you for a felony warrant?

They can if they choose to.

Is New York one of the states you can vote with a felony record?


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What is a New york class e felony?

There are many offenses in the state of New York that are classified as a Class E Non-Violent Felony. A Class E is the least serious type of felony and Class A is the most serious. Some offenses that are considered a Class E Felony include promoting a suicide attempt, abortion in the second degree, rape in the third degree, and Welfare fraud in the fourth degree.

Can you be a nurse with a felony in New York?

For a definite AND CORRECT answer you must contact the New York State Board of Nursing Examiners.

What is the punishment for a class d felony in the 5th degree in new york?


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Is a death threat a felony in new York state?

i believe so

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How many class a misdemeanors in New York a felony?

Three strikes and your out!

Can you vote in New York if you have 2 felony convictions from 10 years ago?

If the individual is not in prison or on parole he/she can vote in New York.

What is jail time for a felony in New York?

It depends on the class of the felony and your prior offenses. If you were a clean cut person all your life and then commited a felony your time would most likely be less. But if you have a rap sheet longer then your arm then you might serve some time.

What is the penalty in new york for fake id?

For New York state possession of a fake ID is a felony punishable for up to seven years.

How long does a DWI felony conviction stay on record in new york?

For life.

What is a felony in New York?

A felony is any criminal offense for which the statute calls for a sentence of more than one year in prison.

Can you obtain a auction license with a felony in new york city?

It really depends on whether you are willing to commit another felony to get one.

Can you get a CDL in New York state if you have a felony?

Yes. Getting a CDL won't be a problem - it's finding employment with a felony record which will be.