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What type of land did the US southern colonies have?

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What type of land did the Southern Colonies in the US have?

well there is arkansas in the us

What type of government did the us southern colonies have?

what were they called

What type of people lived in the Southern Colonies of the US?

Enslaved Africans that lived in the Southern Colonies,colonists the Croations ,

Which US Colonies was indigo important?

Indigo was important in the Southern Colonies.

What is the most common type of vegetation in the central area of southern Canada and the us Which country has more land with that type of vegetation?


What was the religions practiced in southern colonies?

The southern colonies of where? Australia? New Zealand? US? Etc. Re-ask the question with the missing information.

The economy of the Southern Colonies was?

The Southern Colonies were of an agrarian economy, so they worked in agriculture, which called for plantations for the crops and the slaves to work on the crops. This became so deeply rooted that this is why the Southern Colonies that were soon to be the Southern States wished for slavery to be legal in the US.

Which colonies were mostly made up of plantations?

Southern Colonies APEX us history 1 semester

What were the 4 southern colonies in the US?

The southernmost colonies were Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. However, Maryland was usually included as a Southern colony as well.

What role did religion play in the development in the the southern colonies region?

mrs rosey may from the southern colonies told us they were very very rich so we fail for it!

How were the people of the southern US colonies educated?

they tried to get some schools in that time

What type of soil did the Southern Colonies in the US have?

Very fertile, Southerners were able to grow cotton and sugar cane. Cotton needs very fertile soil to grow.

What type of climate does southern US have?


What areas did Spain have colonies in the Americas?

Spain had colonies from what is now the western US as far south as the southern tip of South America.

What is the name of the US lab?

Type your answer here... the colonies

Who was the wealthiest city in the southern colonies us history?

Hello. The answer is Charleston Couth Carolina

Who brought the africans to the northern and southern?

You mean the Americas? The slave trade of the US colonies.

Why were there colonies in the US?

England settled the land because they need the resources.

What are landforms on us map?

a shape or a type of land forms! a shape or a type of land forms! a shape or a type of land forms! a shape or a type of land forms!

What land did Spain claim in North America?

Spain controlled all the land from southern Mexico north to California and across the southern US to Florida. Spain had all of central America plus modern day Cuba and Dominican Republic, and all land in the present day US west of the mississippi, plus a strip of land in present day southern US to Florida.

What were the names of the southern colonies in the US?

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.

What are some similarities between middle and southern colonies?

they are all still part of the us and they are together.

Why did the US make the gadsden purchase?

To gain land for a Southern transcontinental railroad

What was the first tobacco company in the US?

It wasn't a "company". People just sold it to make money in the 13 colonies. Mostly the southern colonies grew it.

Where did the Abenaki Indians live in the thirteen colonies?

They lived in the area of what is now the northeastern US and southern Canada.

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