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a peninsula.

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Q: What type of landform is Italy?
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What type of landform makes the country of Italy?


What type of landform is the US?

the type of landform found in okhahoma state is?

What is the main landform in Italy?

monte beianco

What kind of landform is Italy located?


What type of landform is the Grand Canyon?

Erosion Landform

Type of landform is the Mississippi river?

the answer is a river landform

The principal landform of northwestern Italy is what?

the alps

What major landform covers much of Italy?

The Appennines

What are the main landform regions of Italy?

the Hungary plains and the alps are the main landforms in Italy

What type of landform is the rocky mountains?

what is the landform of rockey moutains

What type of landform is Montenegro?

Montenegro is not a landform, it is a country in Europe.

What type of landform is Antelope Canyon?

what landform is antelope canyon

What landforms make up Rome Italy?

its not answering my real question what's an example of Rome's landform or what type of landform is rome? whycome when u type in a question it just don't give u an answer it has 2 go through all that other stuff.

What type of landform is elevated?

plateau is one of the types of elevated landform.

Hawaii is an example of what type of landform?

Hawaii is a constructive volcano landform

What type of landform is Colombia?

The landform in Colombia is mountains ;oceans ;extra.

What type of landform is the Gibson Desert?

A desert is not a landform. A landform is a feature that is part of the landscape. Any desert is a landscape rather than a landform.

Is Sicily in Italy a natural landform?

Yes Sicily is an island.

What land form best describes Italy?

The landform that best describes italy is the Alps. NEW ANSWER Italy is a very large peninsular.

What kind of landform is Italy?

A peninsula is the kind of landform that describes Italy.Specifically, a peninsula can be recognized by fronting water on three our of four sides. Italy is connected to Europe along its northern frontier. On the east, south and west, it is surrounded by water.

What landform region separates Italy from the rest of mainland Europe?


What is the name of a landform which has steep sides and a flat top?

the type of landform is a plateau.

What type of landform is Taiwan?

is the desert

What type of landform is a volcano?

it is cute that is the answer

What type of landform is hawaii?