What type of lens is a 300MM?

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A 300mm lens is a telephoto lens, which will magnify the subject. It used to be that a 300mm lens was actually 300mm long, but with the use of compound lenses, they can be shorter, but have a "virtual" length of 300mm.

On a 35mm camera, about 50mm is the "natural" lens size -- most cameras come with a 50mm lens. You can divide 300mm by 50mm to find out how much it magnifies from the "natural" position. 300/50 = 6, so it will magnify 6 times.

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Q: What type of lens is a 300MM?
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When was the Canon EF 300mm lens invented?

In 1822 Augustin Jean Fresnel invented the basis of the technology that went into making the Canon 70-300mm lens. The specific Canon EF 300mm lens was not invented, only modified from the original lens technology invented in 1822.

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How does one order a Canon EF 75-300mm lens?

There are many ways one can order a Canon EF 75-300mm lens. One can order a Canon EF 75-300mm lens by making an account with the official Canon website, with Amazon, or with eBay.

What type of product is the Canon EF75 300mm?

Canon is a company well known for not only its all-in-one printers but also for it's full line of cameras and camera equipment. The Canon EF75 300mm is a zoom lens.

Where can one purchase a sigma 70 300mm lens?

There are various places where one could purchase a Sigma 70-300mm lens for a DSLR. For example, websites such as Amazon, SLR Gear and eBay all have them to purchase.

Where can a Sigma 28-300mm lens be bought?

A Sigma 28-300 millimeter lens for a camera may be purchased at the Amazon webste. This type of lens may also be bought from Primotronix, Sigma Photo and East Coat Photo.

What feature does a Canon EF 70 300mm lens have?

The Canon EF 70 300mm lens has an image stabilizer, diffractive optics, and a 58 mm filter diameter. It has a minimum focusing distance of 1.5m with an object magnification of 1:4.

What is the meaning of focal length in a camera lens?

The focal length of a camera's lens refers to the the magnification or telephoto power of the lens and is expressed in the millimeters of the lens, like 100mm, 300mm, etc.

How far does a 300mm camera focus?

The distance it will focus will depend upon the type of camera being used. It also depends upon which 300 mm lens you are using.

Will Canon EF 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom lens work with canon t3i rebel?


What does mm dealing with cameras mean such as a 300mm lens or 35mm film?

Millimeter if you're American, millimetre if you're not.

Where can someone purchase a Canon 70 300mm?

There are several places one can purchase a Canon EF 70-300mm Lens. Crazysales, digitalrev, graysonline, shopbot, eBay, Amazon and digitalcamerawarehouse are just a few websites that are available to purchase this Lens. One may also like to try the Canon website.

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