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You need General Liability to begin with. This policy will need to cover medical costs that a student/customer would need if they get hurt or sick, cut or burn themselves or slip and fall. If you rent a kitchen/facility part of the requirements will be that your landlord be an 'additional insured' in case you burn the place down or cause other damage to the faclity. Each state has different laws on liability insurance. The amount of coverage will depend on how much your landlord requires in the case there is damage to the facility (in high real estate areas this could mean you need to have a policy that covers in the millions). There is much more to operatiing a cooking school/classes than only the liablity policy. You most likely cannot legally run it out of your home. This does not cover worker compensation, state disability or other employee related mandatory insurances.

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Q: What type of liability insurance do you need for a small business that provides cooking classes for children and cooking birthday parties?
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