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The perimetrium is essentially a coat to the uterus. It is the outer serosa layer of the uterus and it is part of the visceral peritoneum membrane.

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What is the medical term meaning membranous outer layer of the uterus?


What composes a serosa?


What is the outer covering of the uterus called?

Perimetrium There are 3 layers of the uterus (superficial to deep): Perimetrium, Myometrium, Endometrium

What is the function of the perimetrium in the female reproductive system?

The perimetrium is the outer layer of the uterus in the female reproductive system and its function is primarily to provide support to the uterus.

What are the layers of the uterine wall?

Endometrium Myometrium Perimetrium

What are the Layers of the uterus?

from inner to out: endometrium myometrium perimetrium peritoneum

Which type of membrane is a dry membrane exposed to the air?

cutaneous membrane

What type of membrane is the membrane covering the lungs?

A serous membrane is the (pleural) membrane covering the lungs.

What type of membrane is the skin made of?

cutaneous membrane

What is meant by membrane is membrane in cell function?

membrane, is a type of brain that function to think what to do.

What is the eukaryote of a membrane?

a eukaryote is a type of cell not part of a membrane!

What type of membrane is required for osmosis?

A selectively permeable membrane

Which type of membrane does the lamina propria occur?

Mucous Membrane

Do cells with walls also have membranes?

there is more than one type of membrane, like cell membrane, plamsa membrane ect.. every cell has at least one type of membrane

What type of membrane is membrane plasma?

The plasma membrane is referred to as a biological membrane or bio-membrane.Briefly, the plasma membrane may also be generally referred to as cell membrane.

The outermost layer of the uterus?

The layers of the uterus from the outermost to the innermost are: endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium, peritoneum.

The only membrane type in which goblet cells are found?

Mucous Membrane

Which type of membrane lines movable joint cavities?

Synovial membrane.

Do root hair cells have a membrane?

Type your answer here... yes it has membrane

What type of membrane is also an organ system?

cutaneous membranecutaneous

What type of macromolecule makes up most of the membrane structure?

What is the type of macromolecule that makes up most of the membrane structure?

What type of membrane protein responsible for rejection in tissue transplants?

what type of membrane protein is responsible for rejection in tissue transplant

What is a catfishs cell type?

Same as your cell type. Eukaryote. Membrane bound nucleus and many membrane bound organelles.

What type of cell has a membrane bound nucleus?

An eukaryote cell has a membrane bound nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

Does a liver cells have a cell membrane?

yes. in every type of cell, there is a membrane.

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