Morning Sickness

What type of morning sicknesses do women get when they find out their pregnant?


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Morning sickness means you feel ill and throws up. Same as if you had the stomach flu. it can occur any time of the day or night.

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Nearly all women experience morning sickness to one extent or another, however, it is possible to be pregnant and not have morning sickness. It is recommended that women who think they are pregnant take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Most of the women have positive pregnancy test, after 8 days of missed period. You have to take morning sample of urine.

Many women swear by ginger to ease their morning sickness while pregnant. It can be found at health stores in several forms including a delicious, chewy candy. Other women find that eating a few saltine crackers will help.

look closely for pregnant signs and do a pregnancy test in the morning when u wake

Just like every woman's body is different, the pregnancy symptoms they experience and the morning sickness they experience is also different for each woman. Some women find that morning sickness goes away after eating something, some find that it gets worse. Some women find that certain foods make them feel worse, and others find that certain foods make them feel better. So yes, morning sickness can occur right after you eat something, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will occur then.

yes,some women have too wait before until the ultrasoud show that they are pregnant

Speaking on behalf of my husband (as we've had a conversation about this), he says it isn't ALL pregnant women he finds sexy, just his. Even with the extra weight, morning sickness and the crazy mood swings, he's still always ready for sex. He enjoys watching me undress (especially the bra) and although we have to find new positons as the pregnancy progresses he is undeterred.

Absolutely Yes. There is something about them that makes them Soooo SEXY. As the saying go's, pregnant women glow.

Most women stop after they find out if their pregnant or not but if you suspect that you may be pregnant it's best to cut back or stop until you know for sure.

The ejaculate can be taken to the doctor for analysis to determine the potency.

This is different with every woman, but it usually starts early in the pregnancy if it happens at all. Not all women have morning sickness. Those that do usually find that it goes away by the end of the first trimester (3 months).

because he wanted to find cures for sicknesses

Women who practice abstinence are far less likely to find themselves pregnant.

Discharge changes when you are pregnant. Beware of sweets as pregnant women are very vulnerable to yeast infections!

Little to none. Many women are taking birth control when they find out they are pregnant and then stop taking it.

there is no easy way - either they find out from the symptoms (morning sickness, growing belly etc) or you tell them

There are several ways to know if you are pregnant. A pregnancy test is one way to know. Not having periods is another clue. She may have morning sickness. Some women "just know" and have this feeling they are pregnant. A little later, she may find that she craves different foods or that certain foods start to upset her stomach more than before. It all depends on the exact woman.

For some women, that is the first indication that they are pregnant. Unfortunately, you will need to wait until you miss your period to find out of that is true or not. You will want to contact your OBs office and find out what to do to treat it since there could be a chance you are pregnant.AnswerSome pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections but this in itself isn't a indication of pregnancy.

There have been none to date. However, pregnant women should not take the Gardasil vaccination becasue it is a new vaccine and all the data are not in yet. There have been limited studies on pregnant women taking it, and for now it seems to be safe, but is not recommended. Pregnant women should wait until after the birth of their child before having the vaccine. If you find out you are pregnant after taking a dose of the vaccine, wait until after the baby is born to have the other doses.

Yes, it's very common for pregnant women to find themselves with little to no appetite. If this last for more than a few days contact your Dr.

Certainly. A lot of women who do not suspect pregnancy don't find out until later in their pregnancy, some don't find out until their water breaks. The Learning Channel (TLC) has a whole series on women who didn't know they were pregnant until their third trimester.

pharmacists role is to help us find a cure for sicknesses and to help us survive through it their job is to make more and more medication to help us fight the sicknesses

Some women can feel that they are pregnant because they have very sensitive systems. Most women, however, don't know right away and will not find out until their menses stops. A pregnancy test through a doctor is the only way to be sure.

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