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Rock, folk, blues, country, gospel

No, he sung folk music. There's a difference

According to Dylan himself, his musical career was destiny.

Bob Dylan was known for his music and singing

It's not by Bob Dylan, it's by Neil Diamond.

The style of music that Bob Dylan plays is mainly folk rock, rock and now classic rock.

Dylan knew that music was his fate. He said so his most recent interview.

I guess he likes to play guitar and sing....

Bob Dylan is an American musician, singer - song writer, music producer, artist, and writer. One of the best collectible Bob Dylan is The Freewheelin.

bob Dylan - blowin in the wind

No...that was English folk poet DONOVAN.

Bob Dylan-Bob DylanBob Dylan-The Freewheelin' Bob DylanBob Dylan-The Times They Are-A Changin'Bob Dylan-Bringing It All Back HomeBob Dylan-Highway 61 RevisitedBob Dylan-Blonde on BlondeBob Dylan-Blood On The TracksBob Dylan-DesireBob Dylan-John Wesley HardingBob Dylan-Another Side of Bob DylanThe above is alright but in my opinion I find 'Shot Of Love' The best one

Bob Dylan was the first to sing this song, but it also appeared on the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Yes in 1963 He also wrote it.

For writing music with a poet's eye.

Bob Dylan has had a prosperous career in folk music since the 1960s. He is both a recovering alcoholic and a recovering drug addict.

Bob Dylan has written: 'Tarantula' 'Tarantula / Tarantel' 'Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan' 'Lyrics:1962-2001' '11 outlined epitaphs' 'Great Songs of the Sixties (70125482)' 'Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 3 (Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits)' 'Bob Dylan Lyrics, 1962-96' 'Dylan & the Dead (4633812)' 'Bob Dylan Harmonica' 'Cronicas/ Chronicles' 'Bob Dylan Chronicles' 'Songs Bob Dylan' 'Bob Dylan Anthology' 'Bob Dylan in his own words' -- subject(s): Singers, Biography 'More Classic' 'Hungry as a raccoon' 'Hard rain' 'Saved! the Gospel Speeches of Bob Dylan (Hanuman Book No. 36)' '50' 'Chronicles (SIGNED 1st Edition) Volume one (Volume 1)' 'Good As I Been to You' 'Lyrics, 1962-1999' -- subject(s): Rock music, Texts 'Bob Dylan, las palabras' -- subject(s): Singers, Biography 'Dylan and the Dead' 'Bringing it all back home' 'Bob Dylan revisited' -- subject(s): Illustrations, Texts, Popular music

Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman and started his music career later in life. He became interested in folk music at college and dropped out to move to New York and get a record deal.

Yes he did.... he even had his album named after that song...

No. "Jealous Guy" was written and recorded by John Lennon.

His favorite is "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. His favorite music is anything techno.