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Q: What type of music does Bob Dylan sing?
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What type of music did Bob Dylan sing?

Rock, folk, blues, country, gospel

What genre of music does Bob Dylan sing?

No, he sung folk music. There's a difference

How did Bob Dylan get the idea to sing and make music?

According to Dylan himself, his musical career was destiny.

What type of songs did Bob Dylan sing fist when he first started?

i dot no

What type of music did Bob Marley sing?


What type of music does Bob Marley sing?


What was bob Dylan known for?

Bob Dylan was known for his music and singing

Who has heard Bob Dylan sing Sweet Caroline?

It's not by Bob Dylan, it's by Neil Diamond.

Jefferson Airplane the Grateful Dead Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performed which type of music?

Protest music

Who were Bob Dylan's favorite musicians to listen to?

Bob dylan's favourite music was Jazz and classical .

Did Bob Dylan sing brown eyed girl?

Yes, he did.

What did Bob Dylan sing in 1963 for the March on Washington?

a song

Did Bob Dylan sing stairway to heaven?

a few times...

Does Bob Dylan sing any songs where he speaks of death?


What music is Bob Dylan famous for?


What was Apollos favorite music?

bob dylan

What style of music does Bob Dylan play?

The style of music that Bob Dylan plays is mainly folk rock, rock and now classic rock.

Who wrote the song forever young rod Stewart or bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan wrote the words and music.

What did Bob Dylan like to do?

I guess he likes to play guitar and sing....

Did the doors sing knocking on heavens door?

Bob Dylan sang it

What artists sing Bob Dylan songs?

Too many to name.

How did Bob Dylan become interested in music?

when he was young

What kind of music did Bob Dylan play?


Who is the best music artist alive?

Bob Dylan

Why Bob Dylan started music?

Dylan knew that music was his fate. He said so his most recent interview.