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Jazz was the most popular type of music during the Harlem Renaissance.

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Bumpy Johnson was alive and in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance years. BUT he did not contribute to the rebirth of African American Culture through the arts, music and literature. So, he was "around" it but not "in" it.

A new way of playing the piano called the Harlem Stride style.

how did the following relate to the renaissance;music ,literature,and art

Theres not a specific answer to that question. The Harlem Renaissance was not somthing you could join it was something that Louis Armstrong was a part of. He lived during the Harlem Renaissance. There were Movements that people could join but im assuming that he just loved music and was alive at the time, and he being a black man used it as a portal to a larger music career.

Renassiance means rebirth. So with the Harlem Renaissance it meant the rebirth of the arts Poetry, Music, Painting, Theatre, etc. The same the occurred with the Renaissance. Renassiance means rebirth. So with the Harlem Renaissance it meant the rebirth of the arts Poetry, Music, Painting, Theatre, etc. The same the occurred with the Renaissance.

It wasn't "selected", but was where people were who were involved in the music, art, and literature.

i think the Harlem renaissance goals were to reform the African American community in areas such as literature, music, art, and politics.

The Harlem Renaissance let African Americans express their culture, like arts, music, literature, and more.

The Harlem Renaissance was the awakening of black people, so to speak. It was when African Americans began making contributions to literature, music, poetry, etc. Many consider the Harlem Renaissance the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Harlem Renaissance or the "New Negro Movement" was a culture movement. It spotlighted the music, plays, fashion, and art of the many African Americans living in Harlem and other big cities.

The Harlem Renaissance did not influence Langston Hughes. Hughes was in his late teens and early twenties in these period. Hughes was already writing poetry. He was one of the contributors to the Harlem Renaissance. He recited poetry to the tune of jazz music.

African American creativity in music and literature during the Harlem Renaissance Apex

The Harlem Renaissance was an African American creative art movement in the 1920s. This included literary work, artwork, theater, and music.

The Harlem Renaissance brought the world brilliant writers whose works are as relevant today as they were during the Renaissance. Writers such as Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and entertainers like Paul Robeson, Duke Ellington set literary and performance standards around the world. It also produced music styles that are still dominant today. Jazz and blues have become international music genres that helped shape and form dominant popular music styles such as Rock and Rhythm and Blues.

I think it was the Harlem people during the Harlem Reinassance.

without the Harlem Renaissance there would be no rap, R&B, hip-hop music today or black artist, authors, actors, etc

Music started to become popular during the renaissance period.Hope it helps- Roxas riku

Did the music or art in Harlem have a widespread influence during the 1920's?

The Renaissance was the spark of the coming technology and self expression, the Harlem Renaissance was that same spart but for the black community north and south, self expression and music reflecting America at that point in time and progressing into what Black America is today

It didn't drastically effect it, if anything it lowered it. Even white people enjoyed listening to music from the popular black artists of the time.

Both periods were the rebirth of the arts. New styles, new ways of painting, writing music.

Usually "Blues" was in the harlem renaissance because much racism was written about in the 1900's. A few examples are Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong,Billie Holiday, and ma rainey

Duke Ellington is one of the best guys for music!@!@!@!@!@!@!@

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