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mandolin especially, tin whistle, and sometimes the Bagpipes.

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What type of musical instruments did the Chippewa Indians use?

What Instrument did the Chippewa Indians use

What instruments do they use in Spain?

They use any of the musical instruments used elsewhere in Europe.

Which instruments use musical note a?

I think all the instruments use the note A. It also depends on the octave. :)

What instrumentsare used in musical theater?

sometimes, entire symphonies of bith orchestral and band instruments are used, or modern electric instruments, or both. typically, musical theatre will have a piano or keyboard, and percussion, and oftentimes wind, strings, and other categories of instrument

What musical instruments did the inuit tribe use?

The Inuits used instruments such as drums and blow horns

How do you use musical in a sentence?

The plays orchestra used very musical instruments such a the harp and piano.

What you use to keep something tune?

You can use an Electronic Tuner to keep instruments with strings in tune, or by using your "Musical Ear". Other instruments do not normally use tuners and are tuned using your musical ear.

What musical instruments did the Hopi use?

They used drums and flutes

What device do you use to record and mix musical instruments?

A mixer.

What musical instruments did the Chinook Indians use?

Drums and rattles.

Did the minute men of 1776 march with musical instruments?

No. They did not have musical instruments and they did not march. They preferred to use Guerrilla Warfare rather than meeting the enemy head on.

What musical instruments use oscillating motion?

Maracas come to mind.

What is Mongolians instruments?

they use spears an instrument, as in musical instrument, is a Naqara

What are the musical instruments that was use in bagbagto?

Bamboo, can made, and bamboo stick

Give some pictures of visayan musical instruments?

There are a lot of great native visayan instruments that are used in popular Filipino folk music. Instruments such as the bamboo organ and the ukulele are used quite often. You can use the Internet and search for these type of instruments for actual pictures.

What type of wind instruments are the clarinet and the bassoon?

The clarinet and bassoon are members of the Woodwind family. These two instruments require the use of a reed to produce musical notes. Another member of the Woodwind family is the Oboe.

What type of instruments did Claude Debussy use?

string instruments

What 3 musical instruments instead of the piano use the keyboard?

Many instruments use a keyboard. Three would include the organ, the xylophone, and the accordion.

What were the musical instruments the amerindians use?

I most believe that they used shack-shack! =)

Did Galileo galilei use to compose or play any musical instruments?

no he didnt

You want a three letter word that has to do with a musical instrument the middle letter is an o?

Some musical instruments use a "bow."

What musical instruments did the Blackfoot Indians use?

Some of the musical instruments that the Blackfoot Indians used were:Voice (singing)Native American fluteWater drumAnasazi fluteApache fiddle

Which types of artifacts do scientists use to reconstruct the musical lives of the ancient people they study?

Remains of musical instruments, pictures, and writings

What are the typical instruments off Ireland?

A lot of Irish music use the fiddle and the harp.

Are Mennonites allowed to play instruments?

Mennonites can play musical instruments, but do not use them in worship. Many also discourage performance-oriented use of instruments to avoid focus on the self. They excel at a capella singing.

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