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What type of needle should you use for woven fabrics?

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A universal 10/70 is just fine. Kate ADDITIONAL ANSWER:Needles, thread and fabric are project specific. If you are using a light weight fabric a 70/10 Universal needle should work nicely. However, if you're sewing with denim then you would need a "denim needle" or a universal 90/14 to a 100/16. Medium weight fabrics do well with the Universal 80/12 needle and standard sewing thread you can find in any fabric store. If you are sewing on a stretchy fabric then you need needles designed to slide through the fabric without tearing. And, here again, the size of the needle depends on the weight of the stretchy fabric. If you are sewing on leather, you'll need a leather needle. The best place to learn about needles, thread and fabric is "Threads Magazine" - they have excellent resource guides on their website. Sewmetheway

2008-08-29 20:13:49
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What type of needle should you use for knitted fabrics?

You should use the same type of needle you would use any other time. Read the label of the various types of needles for a list of the uses. I believe a ball point needle would work best with knitted fabrics.

Name the type of defects present in knitted and woven fabrics?

Slub yarn. needle line .fabric hole.yarn contamination.pilling.spirality.dying defects.miss print.shade variation.miss pick. Missing yarn.bowing. etc

Are woven fabrics cooler than knit fabrics?

If you're referring to temperature and breathability, woven is not necessarily cooler than knit. The breathability depends more on the type of fiber (natural fabrics versus synthetic fabrics), and less on how it is constructed (woven fabrics versus knit fabrics).Fabrics that are "cool" and breathable are:linencotton (especially seersucker)rayonlightweight woolsilkThese are all natural fabrics, and can be either woven or knit. For example, a cotton shirt could be woven (such as a button-down shirt), or knit (such as a t-shirt).And if by "cool" you mean trendy or attractive....well, that's up to you. Both woven and knit come in cool prints and colors. :)

Why are woven fabrics so strong?

Knitted - jersey type fabrics - are more easily abraded than woven fabrics because their surface is easy to catch on another, rougher, surface. They also pill more easily and once caught, can unravel. Woven fabrics, unless specially designed to be otherwise, have a flatter surface, and don't unravel.

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What type of clothing do the Ashanti wear?

The Ashanti traditional clothing consists of fabrics that are brightly colored. They are commonly woven from cotton or silk cloth.

Why should polyester thread be used for sewing knitted fabrics?

As far as possible, thread type should be matched to the fabric being used. Therefore, use cotton thread for cotton fabrics, silk thread for silk fabrics and polyester thread for any heavier and/or manmade fabrics.

What type of fabrics does collette dinnigan use?

luxurious fabrics

Carpet are which type of fabric?


Is nylon knit or woven?

It can be both. Knitted has loops that are connected, and woven is like a basket woven type or like stockings (nylons) for women to wear.

What textiles are used at home?

Towelling fabrics, tablecloth fabrics, upholstery fabrics on sofa and chairs, curtain fabrics, bedding, bed linens, rugs, clothing fabrics and knitting wools are some. The type of fabrics can be towelling, cotton, linen, silk, damask, velvet, corduroy, wool, nylon, etc.

What type of furniture should I avoid putting in my new nursery?

Avoid anything made of pieces that can come apart, or not natural fabrics.

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What type of physician does a stereotactic needle biopsy?

A radiologist or surgeon does stereotactic needle biopsy.

What type of needle should you use when sewing on elastic?

Depending on your elastic's thickness and how much fabric you are guiding into the elastic, I would use a standard needle (12) with a stretch stitch on my machine. Kate

What type of leaf is found on coniferous trees?

Needle type

What type of fabrics are made of cotton?

You can make linen from Cotton.

What type of fabrics are velvet and corduroy?

They are most commonly cotton.

Is velvet a color?

No, velvet is not a color. It is a fabric that can be different colors. For example the green arm chairs at Starbucks are covered with leather.

What should you use to apply lubricant to a gun?

You can use the spray type or liquid type. For the liquid type, you can use a q-tip, small needle, clean patch, clean rag, etc..


I have found that cotton is the easiest to get stains out of.

What is the other major type of material besides woven that is used in sewing?


What types of embellishments are often used on Indian fabrics?

plz specify what fabric you are looking for because India have more than 1000 type of fabrics

How do you load thread into the bobbin of a Juki sewing machine?

the Juki sewing machine is an industrial type machine that is especially used for heavy duty fabrics like denim. It requires a special industrial sized needle and specific bobbins designed for the machine. After loading the bobbin with thread, insert the bobbin into the casing below the needle then turn the wheel on the side of the machine until three or four inches of thread appear behind the back of the needle.

What is type of silk woven with a warp and weft of different colors?

Shor Just a guess, but I would think that raw silk could be woven with two colors on a loom.