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What type of nurse gets paid the most money?

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What type of nurse earns the most money?

the nurse that gets paid the most is the LPN

How much money do you get a month for being a nurse?

the average nurse gets paid 25,000 a month -guessed right -supreet atwal

How much does a children's nurse get paid by the hour?

My stepmom is a nurse at childrens she gets paid 100 an hr.

What is the rate that a nurse gets paid from?

Who gets paid the most money in sports?

alex rodriguez

Who gets paid the most money in a basketball game?

The players.

Which doctor gets paid the most money?

A Neuro Surgeon for sure

Which type of lawyer gets paid the most money?

A patent Lawyer. Has to Do With The Government

What celebrity gets paid the most money?

Jay Z and his wife Beyonce

How much money does a nurse get paid a month?

in Mississippi a nurse makes about 95,000.

How much money does a veterinarian nurse get paid?

I don`t really know but it is alot! My cousin is a vet and he said he gets payed alot.

How much money did Clara Barton get paid as a nurse?


Who gets paid the most on victorious?

victoria justice is the female that gets paid the most. leon thomas III is the male that gets paid the most on victorious.

How much does a registered nurse gets paid in Georgia?


How often do neonatal nurse gets paid?

It depends on where they work. Some neonatal nurses get paid weekly and some get paid biweekly. The average annual salary for a neonatal nurse in the US is $66,000.

Which gets paid more a flight nurse or a brain surgeon?

A brain surgeon.

How much a nurse gets paid in new jersey?

i am in a county college and i would like to know how much a register nurse starts gettin paid with her associates degress

How much does a public health nurse gets paid?

PC nurses get paid around 18,000-20,000 a year..

What was the wage of a regular nurse in World War 2?

they don't get paid with money, they get paid with gobbies

What parts of the us do registered nurses make the most money?

Salary of a Registered Nurse: According to the US Census Bureau, the estimated mean annual wage for a registered nurse as of May 2008, is $65,130. A Registered Nurse Gets Paid Roughly About $42,968 A Year Working In A Hospital, Emergency Room Or Doctors Office.

How do hgtv hosts get paid?

They get paid from the money the station gets from ads

Who gets paid the most in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant gets paid the most in the nba at $30 million a year

Five reasons why you want to be a nurse?

heres a few reasons... Gets to help people Gets paid pretty good

Do nurses get paid monthly or weekly?

Depends on what type of nurse, where they work, who they work for and what they agree on. A private nurse for example may opt to get paid monthly, an assisted living facility nurse will get paid weekly because she may not stay in the same facility for a week at a time. A home care nurse may choose weekly or monthy. A nurse that works in a hospital, gets paid weekly.

How much does Andrew Flintoff get paid?

He gets paid alot of money also he gets endorsed by Woodworm which Improves his Pay.