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A possession offense is usually being charged of possessing something illegal in the country you are being charged such as drugs, or paraphernalia (property/images etc...) depending on what the possession is and the amount of what ever it is you are charged with possessing it can be a minor or a federal offense. Possession with intent to distribute can in some places earn you a life sentence or a sentence of death (ex: Thailand).

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Q: What type of offense is possession?
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First time offense misdemeanor possession?

Possession of WHAT?

What is offense in football?

the team that has the ball in their possession

Team with possession with the ball is called?


What kind of offense is minor in possession in Massachusetts?

what is the punishment for a minor in possession of alcohol in Massachusetts?

Minor in possession of alcohol in texas?

Misdemeanor offense.

Is felon in possession of a firearm a federal offense?


What is the lesser included offense of possession of a firearm?

The phrase encompasses ALL of the other crimes which COULD be charged with the offense (i.e.:possession of a prohibited weapon - possession of an-unregistered firearm - carrying a ocncealed weapon - etc- etc).

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, a minor in possession of alcohol is either a civil offense or juvenile delinquency. For minors younger than 18 it is juvenile delinquency and for minors 18 to 21, it is a civil offense.

Is Possession of Marijuanna a Criminal Offense?

Yes. Possession of marijuana is a criminal offense under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. You don't have to be the owner - you just have to have, or possess, the marijuana. There are medical exceptions. If you are charged with possession of marijuana, you should speak to a lawyer.

Is minor in possession a civil offense or misdemeanor in Idaho?


The most common offense the results in incarceration is?

drug possession

Is a minor in possession considered a crime?

Yes, it is a misdemeanor offense.

What is the team with the ball in football?

if you have the ball in your possession then your on offense if not your on defense

Is possession of paraphanalia a criminal offense?

Yes and in most states it is a misdemenor.

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in new jersey?


What possession did Mia Hamm play?

She played forward aka offense

What is offence in basketball?

A team is on offense when they have possession of the ball.

What kind of offense is a minor in possession of alcohol on federal land?


What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in kentucky?

for simply possessing a alcoholic beverage under 21 for 1st offense is a violation.

Illegal possession of alcohol a felony?

Not enough info given in the question to answer with certainty -but- 'simple possession' is not usually charged as a felony offense.

What is the statute of limitations on a felon in possession of a gun?

There isn't any limitation on this offense.

In football if the offense has the ball on fourth down and fumbles then the defense fumbles in the exact same place where they picked up the ball and the offense gets it back whose ball is it?

As long as there was a clear change of possession to the defense before they fumbled the ball back to the offense, then the offense would keep the ball and get a new set of downs. If the defense fumbled the ball back to the offense without ever establishing possession, then the ball would go over to the defense on downs. The only way the offense could retain possession in this case is if the ball ended up beyond the first-down marker when the offense finally recovered.

What is the lesser included offense of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in Florida?

It's hard to get MORE serious than this charge. A lesser included offense might refer to, for example: Unlawful possession of ammunition - Carrying a concealed weapon - Brandishing a firearm - Possession of a prohibitted weapon - Etc - Etc).

Is possession of marijuana a misdemeanor?

Sometimes. Each state defines crimes individually. Often, a first offense possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor, while possession of more or possession with intent to distribute is a felony.

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what kind of noun is possession