What type of oil do you put in a peugeot 307cc 2004?

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Probably any car oil.
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What type of oil do you put in a 2004 Corolla?

10W-40 is pretty standard, if you live somewhere where it's really hot or really cold you might want something thicker or thinner, respectively. Use synthetic oil if you reall

How do you change a fuel filter on a peugeot 307cc?

\nThere is no fuel filter in the 307s. The fuel pump which is located in the fuel tank and can be accessed by lifting the rear seat acts as a fuel filter, and therefore it is

Cambelt change peugeot 307cc 2004?

Petrol 307s, pre-December 2006 cars, new cambelts are required every 80,000 miles or 10 years - later models can cover 100,000 miles .

Where do you put the oil in a Peugeot 106?

On the peugeot 106 there is an oil cap on the top of the engine, note don't forget to check the level after you have put some in otherwise you could over fill it. HKP
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How put oil in Peugeot 405?

depending on model, top of engine 2 inch wide black cap, above spark plugs / injectors. Or front of engine again, 2 inch wide cap.