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Recommended Oil:

Yamalube 4 (10W30) or SAE 10W30 Type SE Motor oil

Oil Capacity:

Total: 0.75 L (0.79 US Qt)

At Oil Change: 0.65 L (0.69 US Qt)

Source(s): Yamaha PW-80 Service/Owners Manual

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What is the fork oil capacity of a Yamaha pw80?

2.33 Ounces

What type of oil is used in 1996 Yamaha PW80?

All the Yamaha PW80's and PW50's are 2 strokes, so they dont have engine oil. You mix 2 stroke engine oil into the petrol using 25:1 mixing ratio as im pretty sure you know this already. But they do have transmission oil. You can use 4 stroke engine oil for this, or alternatively, use proper transmission oil.

What is the fuel oil ratio for a Yamaha PW80?

32:1 to 36:1 but you shouldn't have to mix it. The PW80 comes with a Autolube oil injection system eliminates the need to premix fuel and oil.

How much oil do you put in the crankcase of a Yamaha pw80?

.69 US quart .79 if disassembled

What kind of oil do you use in the oil tank under the seat on a Yamaha PW80?

Yamahalube 2s (autolube 2 stroke injector oil)

What type of clutch oil pw80?

Any 4-stroke 10W-30 motorcycle oil can be used in clutch case.

How much oil does a 1995 Yamaha dirt bike PW80 Year need?


What type of motor oil is used for Yamaha motorcycles?

Yamalube motor oil

Type of oil used in a 1993 Yamaha phazer?

2-Cycle Engine oil.

What is the fuel mixture for a Yamaha pw80?

In a stock PW80, there is no need to mix oil with the fuel. The oil is injected into the carburetor throat by the oil pump. The factory ratio is estimated to be about 24:1, which is quite rich. On bikes with the oil pump disabled, ratios as lean as 40:1 have been tried with success. The optimum ratio will ultimately depend on the elevation and the jetting used There is an oil tank under the seat

What type of oil does a Yamaha golf cart take?

SAE 10w30 oil or Yamaha 4 Stroke Engine Oil

What type of oil is used for gas oil mix on a 1995 Yamaha blaster?

Yamaha's Yamalube, 2 stroke oil is a good choice.

What type oil is used in Yamaha xs1100 transmission?

Yamalube or rottella t. Its designed for the clutches.

What type of oil is used in a Yamaha XVS650?

Use 10w40 4-stroke motorcycle oil. DO NOT use any type of automotive oil; motorcycle oil is needed because of the wet clutch.

What type of oil is used in the transmission of 1987 Yamaha yz 80?

Sae 10w/30 "se" or "sf" motor oil

What type of oil for a Yamaha TTR125?

sw 30

What type of oil to use when changing oil on a YZ125 Yamaha motorcycle?

Yamalube motor oil.

What type of oil do you put in your yamaha pw80?

Under the seat theres two nuts un screw those and that is your oil resivoir wich injects into your carb fill that resivoir with 2 stroke oil and u can tell wen its full by looking at the window on the side for the dip stick i put regular 10w 30 and mine runs fine

What type of oil for a Yamaha G22 golf cart?


What type of motor oil is recommended for a Yamaha R6 motorcycle?

Yamalube motor oil

What type of oil goes in a yamaha blaster?

a good quality 2 stroke oil

What type of oil does a 1989 Yamaha Moto 4 ATV take?

I use 10W30 in my 1989 Yamaha Warrior.

What could be wrong if a Yamaha PW80 wont stay running?

If it's the older one, check your oil, if not it could be the wording to the engine block, just cur back the plastic over both ends of the wires

What weight of oil goes in a Yamaha ATV 350 bruin?

The type of oil being used in a Yamaha 350 series ATV depends on the temperature where the vehicle is kept. For colder areas 5w-40 oil is preferred, but for hotter temperatures 10w-40 is better.

Fork oil capacity for 2003 Yamaha TTR250?

Lance's Haynes manual says: Capacity: 555cc, Type: Yamaha fork oil "01" or equivalent

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